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What Does Curriculum Instruction Consist of?

Curriculum instruction is a higher level of education in the field of teaching that focuses on ways to better improve the teaching profession, what programs and courses students have available, and looking over criteria for certain age groups. Initially, a teaching career is needed in order to enter the field so as to understand the requirements for different students. Some of the daily duties of a curriculum instructor include, but are not limited to: 

Schools for Curriculum Instruction

• Utilizing teaching tools on a regular basis
• Working with specific regulations’ to give students
• Making teaching plans for students as well as outlines for course schedules to ensure guidelines are met
• Choosing reading material and ensuring all equipment works (televisions, DVD players, projectors, etc.)
• Making teaching outlines for teachers
• Training teachers
• Understanding and helping with school district employment
• Giving insight into teaching strategies
• Helping with a series of educational jobs and duties
• Using Federal Standard guidelines to ensure that students are obtaining relevant education criteria

There may be other roles and duties, but typically, a curriculum instructor is responsible for the implementation and checking-over of teaching material and guidelines. 

What Schooling is Need to Enter Curriculum Instruction?

Since background in teaching is essential to the role, post-secondary schooling in education is required at the degree course level, as well as the acquisition of a teaching certification. Both requirements lead to a better understanding of the schooling system overall. Usually, a bachelor’s degree is sufficient, but a master’s degree can be obtained depending on the level of schooling the practicum instructor hopes to enter. Some schooling options include, but are not limited to:

• Bachelor’s degree course in preferred course (science, English, art, etc.) (online or in-school)
• Master’s degree course in preferred course (online or in-school)
• Fast-track or part-time schooling options
• Teachers college (dependent on state or school you hope to enter)

There may be other schooling options available, but typically a degree in one’s field of interest should suffice as well as a teacher’s college certification. Speaking to the institution that you hope to enter can help you understand what path to take when applying. 

What Skills are Needed to Enter the Field of Curriculum Instruction?

School jobs and educational jobs require a series of different skills, so having a job that revolves around enhancing such skills requires:

• The ability to train and be a leader to new teachers and to other members of the faculty
• A visionary look at the education system
• Invested interests in the student population and their future
• The ability to manage time and handle stress
• Organization and dedication to work
• Diligence when handling legal issues that arise

There may be other skills sets needed in the teaching realm, but typically, the ability to handle stress, heavy workloads, and be diligent regarding both student and teacher wellness is essential. 

How do I get Started?

If the field of curriculum instruction seems like a field you would like to enter, speaking to someone in the field is the best way to get started. As well, talking to people in the teaching profession can give you background in the field, giving you a better idea of the job structure and job satisfaction.

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