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Curriculum Instruction Salary and Career Facts

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Curriculum Instruction Salary and Career Facts 

Working in the education field is not limited to being a teacher. While many people set out to go to teaching school and get a teaching degree, a career teaching courses is only one of the many potential careers that you can set as a goal. Even if teaching school is your desired academic path, there are many additional opportunities in the field of education that can be sought after once you graduate from teaching school. One area that many teaching school students find interesting is curriculum instruction. 

Curriculum Instruction Salary and Career Facts - Curriculum Instruction Schools

Naturally, a common question that teaching school students often inquire about is how much they will make once they get their teaching degree. The following will outline salary and career facts for teaching school students that plan to purse curriculum instruction for their career.
Curriculum Instruction Salary Information

Much like a teaching career, your salary has a wide range and is dependent on many factors, many of which can be addressed by teaching school students while working on their teaching degree.

On average, teaching school graduates can expect to make approximately $ 60, 000 per year. On the low end, many newcomers to curriculum development can make as little as $ 30, 000 per year to start, but with the proper training and experience, you can make up to $ 100, 000 per year.

To maximize your earning potential, it is important to get a Masters teaching degree, and ensure that you study the right subjects while in teaching school. Education always plays a role in how much you will be able to make. 

Curriculum Instruction Career Facts 

Curriculum instruction is a good career choice for teaching school students that are interested in doing more than teaching courses to students. Here are some interesting curriculum instruction career facts to think about if you are interested in a job in this area:

• Salary for curriculum instruction is comparable to teaching salaries.
• A teaching degree is common for people that work in this area, but others go to school and get degree in educational leadership and literacy as well.
• The main role of curriculum professionals is to plan curriculum and education programs. This could be for a specific school, a grade, or for a school board.
• Research is a common component of curriculum development as you need to stay on top of the latest trends, understand what is working, and how technology can improve the education experience of students.
• Most professionals in this area work at their local school boards head office, but you will also make regular trips to observe classrooms and teaching methods.
• Many curriculum instructors start their career teaching courses in school before moving on to work in this area.
• Online curriculum development is a growing area that more professionals and educators are starting to focus on.
• Going forward, there is expected to be growth in the curriculum instruction area of the education industry.

This salary and career information will give you some good insight to help you determine if this is a career that you want to pursue.

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