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Campus Curriculum Instruction Degree

Curriculum & Instruction

Campus Curriculum Instruction Degree

Curriculum instruction is a field which seeks to research, develop, and implement curriculum changes that increase student achievement within, and outside of schools. Teaching school is a main focus of this field, which looks at how students learn, and how to best go about teaching course work. Individuals with this degree aim to answer the questions of: Why are we teaching school kids this information? What should we be teaching school kids? How should we be teaching school kids this information? And how can we evaluate whether we are accurately teaching school kids this information? 

Campus Curriculum Instruction Degree - Curriculum Instruction Schools

What will I need to be accepted into a curriculum teaching degree program?

Most curriculum teaching programs are offered at the MA level, as a result you will need:

• An undergraduate BA degree, with a minimum average (most require 65% or higher)
• A personal statement, outlining why you are interested in the curriculum teaching degree program
• At least one letter of reference (some schools will require as many as three)
• Your transcripts

What curriculum teaching courses will I take?

Once you are admitted into the curriculum teaching degree program, some of the teaching courses you will take will include:

• Issues in education
• Curriculum and culture
• Advanced educational psychology
• Teacher leadership

Why should I take my curriculum teaching degree on campus?

There are several advantages to taking your curriculum teaching degree program on campus, including:

• Not every school that offers a curriculum teaching degree will offer it online, so by attending school on campus, you will have more options in terms of which school you choose to attend.
• You will have the opportunity to interact more with fellow students and your professors, thereby creating a strong network which may come in handy when looking for jobs upon graduation.
• While online degrees are becoming more and more pervasive on the educational landscape, not every employer will treat online degrees the same as a campus degree, with many employers preferring campus degrees. While this may not necessarily be fair, it is the case for some employers, and is an obvious advantage of having a campus degree.

What kind of job will I get when I graduate curriculum teaching school?

Once you have graduated from curriculum teaching school, you will be eligible to work as a Curriculum and instruction coordinator. You will work with individuals who are teaching school in order to ensure that the curriculum meets state, provincial, or national standards. You will gather data on the school and student’s successes choose textbooks, mentor and coach teachers, and also work with the school district to oversee curriculum decisions. This is typically a full time position.

With this degree you can expect to earn an average salary of $ 56,130 per year.

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