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What is Criminology?

Criminal Justice

What is Criminology?

● What is criminology? 
● Is a career in criminal justice a good fit for you?
● What kind of legal education must you have to secure a position in the criminology field? 

What is Criminology? - Criminology Schools

In today’s article, we will explore the field of criminology. But first, what is criminology? Criminology and Criminal Justice is the comprehensive study of the nature of crime, crime prevention, and how criminal behavior relates to individuals and the society at large. Criminology is a diverse field that involves many interrelated disciplines and professions including law enforcement, government, psychology, sociology, statistics, and economics.

If you love reading mysteries and crime novels, feel a strong urge to defend the law & rights of your fellow citizens, and enjoy problem solving, a career in criminal justice might be a good fit for you. Here are the typical characteristics of a person who is well suited for a career in criminology or criminal justice:

● You like the idea of analyzing, implementing, and evaluating crime-related public policy.
● You wish to prevent crimes and apply means of redirecting convicted offenders.
● You want to manage and lead police departments or correctional organizations.
● You enjoy integrating research findings into societal initiatives that are designed to lower crime rates and improve the criminal justice system.

In order to get a career in criminology or criminal justice, you will need to obtain a degree. There are many online degree programs that will allow you to pursue your Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, or Master’s degree in criminal justice. These online programs are often more affordable, more flexible, and allow for a faster graduation rate than traditional colleges or universities.

Some of the online Criminal Justice or Criminology courses are included within a larger legal education program, such as:

● Computer Crime
● Corrections
● Court Reporting
● Criminal Justice
● Criminal Law
● Economic Crime
● ● Homeland Security
● Investigations
● Law Enforcement
● Legal Assistant
● Legal Office Administration
● Legal Studies
● Paralegal Law
● Security

Once a student has earned a diploma in a criminology degree program, he or she will be able to secure a job in the following areas:

● Fish and Game Warden
● Forensic Science Technician
● Police Officer
● Deputy Sheriff
● Fire Investigator
● Corrections Officer Manager or Supervisor
● Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement College Instructor
● Police Detective
● Private Investigator
● Immigrations and Customs Inspector
● Police Identification and Records Officer
● Special Agent
● Criminologist
● Sociologist
● Forensic Accountant
● Financial Examiner
● Forensic Psychologist
● Judge
● Lawyer

If a career in criminology excites you, begin your path toward a career dealing with criminal justice with an online legal education today.

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