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What Jobs are in Criminal Justice?

Criminal Justice

Jobs in criminal justice have become increasingly popular over the years as movies and TV shows have glamorized the jobs that these professionals do on a daily basis.  With the help of recent criminal justice graduates, crime is able to be prevented and solved when necessary.  There are an ample amount of different jobs related to the criminal justice system in order to meet the demand presented by recent graduates.  Whether you are interested in becoming a police officer or if you are interested in border patrol services, there are an ample amount of job opportunities. 

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Police Officer/State Trooper

As one of the most popular jobs in criminal justice, police officers are in abundance.  As a police officer you will be required to participate in a variety of different duties such as investigating traffic violations, car accidents, and issuing citations.  You will also assist citizens with tasks such as investigating home break ins or theft of property.  Police officers are the most visible professionals in the criminal justice industry.

Probation Officer

These individuals are required in the justice system to ensure that convicted criminals stray away from their hazardous pasts.  As a probation officer you will supervise individuals who have been arrested or who are on parole.  You will hold meetings with your clients to check up on their daily duties and to take note of their mental health and well being.  Probation officers are also necessary to assist others in the justice system with finding the whereabouts of those who are on probation.

Border Patrol Officer

If you have ever travelled from one country to another, you are aware of border patrol officers or border agents. These individuals check the documentation that is handed to them by country visitors and immigrants.  You will be required to check the documents that you have received to determine whether the individual is permitted access to the country or not.  You may also be required to monitor goods that are entering and leaving the country.  Some other duties include:

• Maintaining traveller information databases
• Conduct investigations
• Collect duties and taxes from imported goods
• Detain visitors who are threats to the country

With the help of border patrol officers, the safety of the country is able to be maintained on a daily basis.

There are an ample amount of jobs available within the criminal justice system.  If you are interested in finding the career that is perfect for you, research your local post secondary schooling institution to determine if they offer the courses that you desire.  With the appropriate certifications you can find careers within the paralegal industry, the policing industry, and many more.  With the increasing popularity of the criminal justice system, finding your placement for employment is a simple venture due to the fact that there is always the constant need for safety officials.

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