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What Can I Do After Completing a Criminology Degree?

Criminal Justice

What Can I Do After Completing a Criminology Degree?

A criminology degree is typically obtained over a four year course that includes an understanding of psychological, sociological, socio-political, legal, and historical perspectives about crime. The criminology degree itself prepares you to better understand the legal system in a way that allows you to contribute to it in new and inventive ways. 

What Can I Do After Completing a Criminology Degree? - Criminal Justice Schools

Criminology Skills Include:

• Understanding theories about the law, justice, and society

• Developing an understanding of both government and non-government organizations, regulations, and agencies

• Critical analysis skills

• Linking a multitude of fields to different case studies to get a balanced perspective

• Group work to solve problems and learn interpersonal development skills

As well, understanding and adhering to plagiarism laws are a must and should be carried over into a career when conducting case studies, reports, and research.

What are Common Career Paths to Take After Completing Criminology Degree?

There are a series of different paths that a criminology degree graduate can embark on, namely occupations in law or protective services. Such jobs would include:

• Parole officer
• Consumer advocate
• Customs inspector
• Human rights officer
• Lawyer
• Park ranger
• Legal secretary
• Policy analyst
• Probation officer
• Victims advocate
• Political advisor
• Rehabilitation counselor
• Social worker
• Journalist
• Crime reporter
• Legislative aid

Some of the above positions may require that you get further courses or education to perform them, but an undergraduate criminology degree is the foundation for the work. 

Are There any Job Opportunities That Allow me to be Active in the Law?

After attaining a criminology degree, many graduates find themselves in the policing and parole field since it gives them a chance to work within their communities to make a difference. With criminology as a background specialty, you can get higher jobs in the policing and prison field including:

• Personal security officer
• Polygraph technician
• Probation officer
• Military officer
• Prison official
• Juvenile court officer
• Corrections officer
• Law enforcement officer

The above jobs would be rewarding paths since they help facilitate in the lowering of crime rates and could potentially keep youth and adults safe.

I Enjoy the Legal Field, but Want Something More Laid Back. What are my Options? There are many positions which are available that maintain your background in criminology, but let you work behind the scenes. Some job options might include:

• Teacher
• Professor
• Paralegal
• Non-profit sector administrator
• Researcher
• Court clerk
• Historical researcher
• Community outreach worker

Some of the practices may require higher training in criminology, including a masters degree, but they are lucrative positions that often pay well and have regular hours. 

The study of criminology is an amazing field to enter because it incorporates a multitude of fields and has a wide range of employment possibilities after graduation. 

If you are looking to enter the criminology field, talking to a college or university registrar would be a great start to see what credentials you need.

After completing a criminology degree, you have the chance to change people's lives and help in the field of justice and protective services. If you feel such work options are suitable for you, you can research online or speak to graduates to see if criminology is the right degree for you.

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