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Types of Computer Crime

Criminal Justice

Types of computer crime have been growing since the advancement of technology, and have since pushed steadily through the changing waves of advancing computer functions. 

Sadly, lots of government and police agencies struggle to keep up with computer crime because patterns of cybercrime are the best methods for understanding and uncovering crimes. Phishing schemes, as well as fraud plots are growing more complex by the day, so there is a struggle between the crime and closure to the crime. By employing previous hackers and computer specialists, it allows them to better understand and infiltrate attacks and different types of computer crimes. 

Types of Computer Crime:

Types of Computer Crime - Criminal Justice SchoolsThere are many types of computer crimes which can range from minor attacks such as copying a quote without permission (copyright), to larger felony crimes, including cyber terrorism. Types of cybercrime which warrant the most concern are crimes against the government and consumers, which may included leaked information, credit card and debit fraud, as well as internal computer threats such as viruses.

Some other types of computer crime include fraudulent activity, forgery and copy-cat gimmicks, illegal pornography, as well as assisting in copyright activity, such as providing links to copy-written movies or videos.

Types of Computer Crime That Occur Regularly: 

Everyday crimes happen within plain site and there is little that can be done to prevent it including spam, online dating crimes, as well as email offers that mislead vulnerable readers. We have all likely experienced some form of the above, but there is a large gap in legislation because of the quick growth of such scams. Certain types of computer crime escalate quickly, while teams of investigators are still trying to figure out the original crime and how it was done. This hole in the investigation cycle causes certain cyber crimes to go without penalty at the cost of valuable personal information being wide-spread.

Hopes for the Future:

Some activities are in the process of becoming labeled and tried as types of computer crime including racist material, crimes against humanity that are justified as necessary, as well as assisting in hate speech or minimization of a population. Overall, it is important for individuals who browse the Internet to research and understand the diverse types of computer crime in order to protect themselves from fraud, spam, and other illegal activities. Email phishing is one of the most common illicit

activities, so by recognizing and reporting spam and illegal emails, you can help keep your email provider aware of what emails to block and which to look into.

Job Outlook:

The job potential in this field is very high due to the lagging connection from understanding a crime to preventing future crimes. Specialists in the field of computer engineering, networking, programming, and even hacking are highly sought out because of the valuable understanding they have of the cyber crime world.

If you are looking to enter the field without any previous knowledge, post-secondary education would be important, especially in the field of computer forensics. Police stations, special forces, and intelligence agencies are looking to combat all types of computer crime to protect citizens and government bodies. If computers and investigating rank high in importance to you, it may be a great field to enter!

Technology is always advancing, so there will always be new types of computer crime to battle! 

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