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Computer Crime Cases

Criminal Justice

Computer crime cases are increasing as technology increases, so there is a large field dedicated to understanding how such crimes occur and how to legally indict computer criminals.

Cybercrime directly involves the Internet and is very prominent because of the vast amount of accessible information that is available. The ease of access is leading to an increased amount of computer crime cases as the Internet grows and expands.

Open use of the Internet allows criminals to use diverse means to engage in numerous illegal activities including identity theft, hacking (cracking data, etc.), as well as copyright infringement, spam, and phishing schemes. 

There are number of computer crime cases related to fraud, hacking, and conspiracy that have taken place around the world, showing how wide spread the problem is. The Internet is a world-wide platform used to share information, so what happens in one country can happen in and affect another country. The use of law is complicated in such instances, but many efforts are being put into place to lower the number computer crime cases on a global front.

Crime Cases related to Computer - Criminal Justice Schools

Computer Crime Cases:

Ancheta, Jason James: The Californian resident was captured in November 2005 and was convicted in May 2006 for crimes related to fraud, as well as infecting military computers. He had to give up his car, pay restitution, and serve 60 months in prison. He now has a felony charge on his record.

Assange, Julian Paul: The Australian resident was charged in December of 1996. He was wanted for 31 counts of hacking, but 6 charges were dropped due to a lack of evidence and sympathy from the judge. He pled guilty to the other 25 charges, and later become one of the most outspoken hackers in later years upon his unleashing Wikileaks.

Dhaka, Ajay: Ajay was a resident of India and was charged for e-commerce crimes related to hacking, which totaled nearly one million USD. He was sentenced in August of 2012 and was formerly convicted.

Overall, the above computer crime cases clearly indicate that Internet crime is a growing international problem. Technology and legislation are constantly being updated to keep up with and battle computer crime cases. Unfortunately, patterns have to be determined before new legislation can be made, leading to a large lag in the search for and implementation of preventative measures. This complex problem leads to a lower number of computer crime cases due to lacking information, not successful laws.

What Would the Field of Computer Crime Cases Entail?

There are a number of different areas and workplaces where you can gain expertise in the prevention of fraud, hacking, and cyber terrorism online. Some workplaces would include the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), as well as secret service and defense stations. Military and defense units are looking to prevent such attacks from occurring in the future, since a high volume of attacks could lead to digital warfare, sacrificing valuable and classified information. Both the military and citizen population could be affected by the illegal access of information related to credit cards, top secret, as well as military information.

Another route is bringing computer crime cases to the forefront through legal means either by becoming a lawyer or criminal investigator. Such positions are in high demand because of the global spread of invasive crimes.

Ways to Enter the Field of Computer Crime Cases: 

The government is having trouble keeping up with the high demand to battle cyber criminals, so large openings in this field are available. You need a post-secondary education, namely a certificate or degree which relates to computer forensics.

The outlook is very positive in this area of technology, and as advancements increase, so will criminal tactics. It is a challenging and engaging field for both the computer guru and the justice seeker! 

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