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Court Reporting FAQ's

Court Reporting

What does a court reporting degree graduate do?

A court reporting degree holder works in a court room setting, transcribing the goings-on. The records that a court reporting school graduate takes can be used for as variety of purposes by the legal team, or later on once the case is complete. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Court Reporting

Court reporting school graduates use several different methods in order to complete their job functions, including stenographic, electronic and voice reporting.

What kind of court reporting schooling will I need?

The amount of time you will spend in court reporting school will be largely dependent on the kind of technology you plan to use in your career once you’ve completed your court reporting courses. Some of the technologies that you will be learning in court reporting school are more complex than others, and therefore take additional time to learn and understand. Most court reporting degree programs will last for approximately one and a half to two and a half years.

There are some court reporting careers which will not require you to take any court reporting courses, and will instead allow you to learn on the job.

What else will I need to be a court reporter?

In addition to the knowledge you will gain through your court reporting courses, you will need several skills, such as the ability to type quickly, strong listening skills, and strong attention to detail.

It would also be helpful to have a basic knowledge of courtroom proceedings, as well as legal language that may be used in a courtroom setting.

Once you have completed your court reporting schooling, most states or provinces will also require that you earn your license. Look into the requirements of where you plan to work to see if this will be necessary.

What are the job prospects for a court reporting degree graduate?

Once you have completed your court reporting degree, you will be eligible to find work working for the federal or local government in a court room setting. You may also work for companies who are contracted by those agencies, transcribing from a remote location.

For the most part, you will work as a court reporter during the hours that court are in session, so this will typically mean a Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 work week. However, depending on your caseload, you may also need to work overtime from time to time.

How much will I make with a court reporting school degree?

Once you have earned your court reporting school degree, you can expect to earn an average salary of $47,810 per year.

Your salary as a court reporting school graduate will vary based on which technology you work with, your years of experience, where you are working, and your geographic location.

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