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Court Reporter Salary & Career Facts

Court Reporting

Court Reporter Salary & Career Facts

A court reporter degree holder records transcripts of the verbal goings on at events including court proceedings, meetings, and speeches. The court reporter degree holder must provide accurate and timely of these events, so that they can be referenced whenever necessary. There are several different methodologies that court reporter degree holders use, including stenographic, electronic and voice reporting.

Court Reporter Salary & Career Facts - Court Reporter SchoolsIf you are considering attending court reporter school, then you may be curious about how much money you can make, as well as some other career details. 

How much will I make as a court reporter school graduate? 

Once you have completed court reporter school, you can expect to earn an average salary of $ 47,810.

Your salary as a court reporter degree holder will be varied, depending on where you live, where you are working, and your years of experience.

Other facts about a career once you have completed court reporter school:

• Your court reporter courses will vary, and will be largely dependent on the type of court reporter technology you plan to use once you have completed court reporter school. Different schools will offer court reporter courses catered to each different technology. Some technologies, such as electronic transcriber will not require that you take any court reporter courses, and in fact you can just learn skills on the job.
• Depending on the type of technology you plan to use, your number of years in court reporter school will vary. For example you can complete court reporter school to transcribe using stenographic reporting in approximately 33 months. If you are interested in taking court reporter school to transcribe using voice technology, it will take you approximately two years to become proficient.
• In some locations, you will also need to earn a license in addition to your court reporter school degree. This will typically involve testing based on some of the knowledge you will have gained through your court reporter degree program.
• While most individuals believe that all a court reporter does is transcribe the goings-on in a courtroom, they also spend time editing their own work, as well as checking on dates, names and locations in order to ensure accuracy in their reporting.
• When you are working as a court reporter, you will mostly work during times when the courtrooms are open, and therefore you will typically work a normal 9 to 5, Monday to Friday work week. However, depending on your caseload, you may need to work overtime when working on a larger caseload, in order to allow yourself time for editing and filing your documents.
• The job prospects for individuals who have completed court reporter degree programs are expected to grow faster than the national average, due largely in part to the large volume of work, as well as the number of individuals in the field who are expected to retire in the near future.

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