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Small Business Salary & Career Facts

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Small Business Salary & Career Facts

Owning a business is a dream for many people. Who doesn’t want to be their own boss, right? This is why so many people are opening a small business rather than working for corporations once they get a small business degree. They not only have the freedom to do work that they have a passion for, but they also do not have a cap on how much money they can make during their career. This is why an increasing number of students are now going to small business school and getting small business degree instead of taking the traditional MBA route when it comes to business education.

Small Business Salary & Career Facts - Small Business Schools

Small Business Salary Information

How much you will make running a small business is dependent on many factors. Some of the most impactful include:
• Your experience
• Small business school education
• Your area of specialization for your small business degree
• The type of business you open
• The industry you want to break into
• Start-up costs and the cost to run the business
• Funding and investments
• Risk management and effective decision making
This means that depending on your experience, what you learned in small business school and you ability to apply the knowledge you gathered from your small business degree, you could make nothing and you could make a lot of money. On average, a small business owner makes between $ 35, 000 and $ 75, 000 per year. Small business owners that went to small business school, have experience, and have a specialized skill tend to make more money. Many small business owners make more than $ 100, 000 per year.
Small Business Career Facts
Here are a number of noteworthy career facts about running a small business. They include:
• Many business owners do not have a small business degree.
• Small business owners often take a small business course or two as part of professional development to improve their skills in a particular area of the business.
• An increasing number of people are going to small business school online and are starting online businesses upon graduation.
• Most business owners do not turn a profit in the first few years of operation.
• Most small businesses fail in their first attempt.
• If you can successfully address a societal need with your business, you could make a significant amount of money.
• Successful small businesses surround themselves with the right professionals that can help them grow and become successful.
• An increasing number of small businesses are run out of your home, which is a great way to keep costs down.
Small Business School Considerations

There are a number of things that you need to think about when it comes to small business school. These things will all have an impact on your earning potential in the future. They include:

• The small business school you choose to attend
• The type of small business courses you take
• Your ability to secure a small business course internship
• The connections you make when you are in school
• Your ability to develop a viable business idea that you can implement upon graduation

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