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Online Computer Applications Degree

Computer Science Engineering

What is Computer Applications?

Computer technology is a constant part of our everyday lives, from the GPS system we use in our cars to the cellular phones we use to send email, purchase airline tickets and make dinner reservations. As intelligent, innovative professionals continue to develop technology, it can help us to solve problems in a great range of applications (e.g. traffic circulation, climate modeling, cures for terminal diseases, systems engineering, business modeling and environmental issues). With a computer applications degree you will learn how computers work, you will get an understanding of the technology behind computer games, mobile phones, the internet and many other computing-based products. 

Applications Schools

Computer applications schools prepare students to operate and work with computer programs and applications for business purposes. These programs develop students' keyboarding, word processing, computer and business database skills in order to help them become proficient in all areas of computer applications. A good computer applications school will offer programs at various levels which should include associates, bachelor’s and even master’s degrees.

However the learning outcomes of any computer application school should be based on the following:

• A focus on cloud computing, mobile application development, web application programming;
• Learning computer fundamentals and various aspects of system analysis and design, computer architecture, data communication and networks
• E-projects that include practical application sessions.

A computer applications degree will appeal to anyone who is inquisitive and sees the potential of computers in our society, whether they are interested in computer games or robotics, mobile phones or electronic commerce.

Computer Applications Courses

The course offering at an online computer applications school will be robust, with various streams and concentrations from mobile applications to systems engineering. Although they may seem similar the variety available spans many career options.

Computer applications courses at an accredited computer applications school will prepare students to work with the computer applications and programs used in typical business environments. Some courses may be offered through distance learning. Course topics may include:

• Desktop publishing
• Microsoft database applications
• Computer information applications
• Object-oriented programming
• Visual software development
• Microcomputer applications
• C++ and Linux for hardware interfacing
• Industrial computer applications
• Financial accounting
• Office Automation
• Building Dynamic websites
• Database development
• Desktop Application programming
• Web Application programming
• Cloud computing
• Mobile Application development
• Enterprise Application development 

Career Options for Online Computer Applications Degree Graduates

The career potential for a graduate of a computer applications school is large – with many career opportunities and the potential to make a very good salary. Some of those careers include:

• Software Engineer
• Enterprise Application Developer
• Website Designer
• Desktop Application Developer
• Web Application Developer

Above all, an online computer applications degree prepares you for a professional career in computing and information technology. It gives you an in-depth knowledge of software engineering and the practical skills to apply this knowledge to develop tomorrow's software. Such knowledge is highly sought after by employers.

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