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Computer Applications Developer Salary & Career Facts

Computer Science Engineering

Computer and technology related skills and knowledge are no longer “nice to have” skills. You need to be well versed in a wide variety of computer skills for almost any job today. This is one of the main reasons why so many students are now enrolling in computer based degree programs in college and university. The skills are needed and the industries continue to expand.

Computer Applications Developer Salary & Career Facts - Computer SchoolsOne career in particular that is in high demand is computer applications development. Therefore, going to computer applications school and getting a computer applications degree is a very good career choice. There are lots of opportunities and the earning potential in this area is competitive. 

Computer Applications Developer Salary Information 

Computer applications school graduates have the potential to make a lot of money during their career. With people that possess a computer applications degree in high demand, computer development companies are will to pay professionals a very good salary.

On average, computer applications school graduates earner approximately $ 90, 000 per year. Right out of computer applications school you can expect a salary of approximately $ 50, 000 per year to start. At the top end, you can expect to make well over $ 100, 000 per year. But, this salary is dependent on a number of things, such as:

• Years of experience
• Area of specialization
• The computer applications school you attended
• Your computer applications degree
• The computer applications courses you took
• You skill and knowledge area
• The industry and company you work for 

Interesting Computer Applications Developer Career Facts 

Once you graduate from computer applications school, it is important to do some career research to understand the job market, the companies you could potentially work for and other facts about your career choice. There are some interesting facts for computer applications school graduates to think about:

• People that work in computer applications tends to make more than computer programmers.
• The video game industry is one of the most lucrative for people that when to computer applications school and graduated with a computer applications degree.
• Taking a computer applications course internship is one of the leading factors in getting a job right out of school.
• There are many different computer applications course specializations that you could focus on as part of your computer applications degree.
• California is one of the hotbeds for employment in the application development industry.
• Application development continues to evolve. It is a very new industry and will only continue to expand over the next few years.
• Consumer apps alone is more than a 50 billion dollar industry.
• Many people are developing apps on a freelance basis – it is a great way to show your skills and break into the market.
• You need a combination of computing, programming, and business development skills to be successful in the industry.
• There are many education options and many do their degree online.

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