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How To Become A Computer Repair Specialist

Computer Hardware

Computers have fast become a part of our everyday lives. We use them to play video games, take money out of the atm and even in solving crime. Computers abilities are infinite, but their every whim is at the hand of human beings who created them. That being said the role of a computer specialist is quickly evolving and increasing. Computer repair specialists sometimes referred to as technicians, troubleshoot problems and technical issues with computer systems and also install additional software. In addition to personal computers and laptops, specialists repair printers, system drives, mainframes, servers, and other types of peripheral equipment and hardware. 

How To Become A Computer Repair Specialist - Computer Repair Specialist Schools

Computer Repair Schools 

There are many reputable and accredited computer repair schools. Choosing the computer repair school that is right for you and your career goals is the first step to becoming a computer repair specialist. Due to the many types of computer systems and hardware, there are many different types of specializations and certifications that students can pursue.

Computer technician positions may require or prefer a degree in computer information services or a similar degree. Network administration or electrical engineering are also common degree paths for this profession. While a bachelor's degree is preferable, you may find employment with an associate's degree and demonstrated experience. Continuing education may also been required within your specialization.

Many computer repair degree students choose to seek industry certification as a path to a computer repair specialist career. CompTIA is the primary entity offering computer technician certifications, which offers training in the following subject’s:

• A+
• Certified Document Imaging Architect (CDIA+)
• Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+)
• Convergence+
• Digital Home Technology Integrator (DHTI+)
• Linux+
• Network+
• PDI+
• Project+
• Security+

CompTIA's A+ certification, along with its Network+ and Security+ certifications, are the industry standards for this career path. Many colleges and tech schools offer classes and workshops to help you pass these important tests.

A quick online search on any career site will reveal that IT careers, especially computer repair specialists have many available work opportunities. Though many of these opportunities are scattered throughout the world, a higher concentration of jobs seem to be available in the following areas:

• California
• New York
• Florida
• Massachusetts
• Washington, D.C.

Like most careers, the earnings of computer repair specialists depend on a number of factors including everything from employer to experience and region. Data indicates that a majority of computer techs are hourly employees who bring in about $ 19 an hour, or approximately $ 39,500 annually. Other international statistics showed that entry-level computer repair specialists brought home about $ 51,083. Help desk and technical support specialists also earned enviable salaries according to the survey; they took in about $ 56,177 annually.

Statistical data suggests that the best job candidates in this sector are those who are certified by vendors, and shows that those with formal training--including two- or four-year degrees--and repair experience will likely find the best prospects.

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