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If you are interested in attending computer repair school in order to obtain your Computer Repair degree, then you may have some questions. What are the requirements or pre-requisites for computer repair school? What computer repair courses will I be required to take? And what can I do with a Computer Repair degree? This article aims to outline that information, in order to help you decide if a Computer Repair degree is the right career choice for you. 

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What are the pre-requisites for computer science school?

Before applying to computer repair school you will need several pre-requisites, including, but not necessarily limited to:

• A highschool diploma or GED.
• A minimum average (every Computer Repair degree program may have a different minimum average, so be sure to research this ahead of time).
• High school level courses in computer science or technology.

Each computer repair school may have different requirements, so be sure to do your research well in advance to ensure you have all the pre-requisites necessary for your Computer Repair degree program of choice.

What computer repair courses will I be required to take?

Once you enter computer repair school, you will take a variety of courses. Some of them may include:

• Installing a hard drive, memory, or new programs
• Backing up the hard drive, and how to recover files
• Courses on software, and copyrights

Every computer repair school may have a slightly different list of computer repair course offerings. If there is an area of particular interest for you, be sure to look into whether your school of choice offers it or not.
Some Computer Repair degree programs may also offer internship opportunities. This is a great way to put the knowledge you’ve acquired through computer repair school to use in a “real-world” setting, and also offers you the chance to see what a typical day in this career would look like.

What can I do with a Computer Repair degree?

Once you have completed computer repair school you will be able to start working immediately. Most people with this degree are hired as PC repair technicians. You will be responsible for maintaining the computers, and database system at your place of employment. Since every company uses computers, there are a wide range of options in terms of the kind of company you could work for, or what industry you could be employed in. With the growing dependence on technology, it also makes for great job prospects in this field, as every company uses computers, and therefore needs someone on hand to fix them when things go wrong! With modern technology you also have the opportunity to telecommute in this role, and some companies may even allow you to work from home.

If working with technology every day, and helping people are of interest to you, then a attending computer repair school could be the right career move for you!

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