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Computer Repair Salary & Career Facts

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Computer Repair Salary & Career Facts

Computer repair specialists sometimes referred to as technicians, troubleshoot problems and technical issues with computer systems and also install additional software. In addition to personal computers and laptops, specialists repair printers, system drives, mainframes, servers, and other types of peripheral equipment and hardware. 

Computer Repair Salary and Career - Computer Repair Schools

Computer repair people typically have some form of postsecondary training in electronics, whether through a vocational school, community college or military service. However, high school graduates who have experience in electronics repair may not need additional training. While some computer and office machine repair technicians work in repair shops, others travel to offices and homes to perform repairs.

There are many reputable and accredited computer repair schools. Choosing the computer repair school that is right for you and your career goals is the first step to becoming a computer repair specialist. Due to the many types of computer systems and hardware, there are many different types of specializations and certifications that students can pursue.

Computer technician positions may require or prefer a degree in computer information services or a similar degree. Network administration or electrical engineering are also common degree paths for this profession. While a bachelor's degree is preferable, you may find employment with an associate's degree and demonstrated experience. Continuing education may also been required within your specialization.

Types of Computer Science Degrees

To become a computer repair specialist, there are a variety of degrees, at the bachelor’s or associate’s level, that you can obtain. They include:

• Computer Engineering
• Computer Science
• Information Systems
• Information Technology
• Software Engineering

Computer repair technicians can work in a variety of career fields, such as a software company where they help develop the latest software programs to hit the market. They may also work as an independent contractor. As an independent contractor, specialists would be responsible for creating the latest applications for mobile phones. Graduates can also be hired as a full-time IT expert. As an IT person, they are responsible for website maintenance and server issues that a company faces. There are many, many computer science careers open to someone with an accredited computer science degree, which is one of the reasons computer science is such a popular subject of study.

Computer and office machine repair specialists reported an average hourly wage of $ 18.44 and an average salary of $ 38,360 per year according to international labour statistics. The median-earning 50 percent of computer and office machine repair technicians reported annual incomes ranging from $ 28,030 to $46,520, while the highest-paid 10 percent made $ 57,790 or more annually.

Growth predictions show that while the international economy will grow jobs at an average rate of about 14 percent between 2010 and 2020, jobs for computer and office repair technicians are expected to grow at a less rapid pace. Candidates who have prior experience in electronics repair or relevant postsecondary education are likely to experience better job prospects.

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