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Computer Repair FAQ’s

Computer Hardware

What Do Computer Repairs Entail?

A computer repair business utilizes a series of different skills as well as strong backgrounds in computer science. The job of a computer repair technician includes the ability to figure out, diagnose, and fix the computer problem all within a timely fashion. Some duties with the field of computer repair include: 

Computer Repair FAQ's - Repair Schools

• Investigating and fixing either software or hardware components
• Asking customers what type of issues they were facing leading up to the problem
• Taking out and replacing necessary components
• Fixing salvageable components to put them back into working order
• Explaining what happened in detail to the customer and give them tips on how to avoid such problems in the future
• Using programming experience to fix operational malfunctions that occur with certain applications or software
• Retrieving lost information
• Having connections to hardware and software retailers in order to obtain hardware and software at a lower cost

Other types of computer repair may revolve around viruses or application bugs, so knowledge of credible anti-virus programs is essential. 

What Type of Work is Available in the Computer Repair Field?

There are many workplace opportunities within the realm of computer repairs since communities at large at becoming more reliant on technology and computer applications. Some workplace environments that may employ computer repair technicians include:

• The military
• Institutions such as schooling environments, college campus and non-profit organizations
• Government or public sector organizations
• Trade environments and logistics firms
• Engineering firms
• Computer repair shops
• Remote computer repair opportunities
• Retail head offices and store chains
• Corporations and small businesses
• Police stations and other law enforcement offices

There may be other computer repair jobs such as national defense work, but the most common jobs revolve around the social sector, government jobs, and retail environments. There may also be independent roles that can be taken on on the side to earn extra money, or to earn a separate income all together. The field of computer repair holds high prospect for freelance repair work. 

What Type of Schooling is needed to Become a Computer Repair Technician?

Computer repair technicians typically need post-secondary schooling with a degree in computer science. Such a degree gives background into all possible issues a computer may face, as well as emerging technologies that are entering the market. Some schooling options may include:

• Online or in-school bachelor’s degree course in computer science
• Online or in-school master’s degree course in computer science
• Associates degree in computer science (may have online options)
• Part-time and fast-track courses for degree programs (depending on school)
• Certification for computer science or computer repair (specialty courses)

There may be other schooling options, but the most highly sought positions offered usually require a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science. As well, experience in the field of computer repair looks great on a resume and could lead to higher job prospects in the future.

If becoming a computer repair technician seems like something you would be interested in, speaking to a post-secondary school regarding course options would be the best way to enter the field. As well, speaking to current computer repair technicians can give you better insight into the field and job enjoyment factors of the work.

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