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Online Computer Programming Degree

Software Programming

Online Computer Programming Degree

Computer programming is the technology that runs most items that we use on a daily basis from alarm clocks to coffee makers. Therefore the need for computer programmers is constantly growing. Computer programming is the ability to use software to manipulate, create and use different types of technology. Obtaining an online computer programming degree will provide many opportunities after graduation, while also giving the students the flexibility to learn at their own pace. 

Computer Degree - Computer Schools

The most common degree option for someone who wants to be a computer programmes is usually a degree in computer science. However, there are degrees in mathematics and other sciences that might be useful depending on the requirements for a job. A bachelor's degree commonly is required for computer programming jobs, although a two-year degree orcertificate may be adequate for some positions. Employers favor applicants who already have relevant programming skills and experience. Skilled workers who keep up to date with the latest technologyusually have good opportunities for advancement.

Most recent statistics show that more than 68 percent of computer programmers had a bachelor's degree or higher. A student graduating with an online computer programming degree will demonstrate the ability to:

• Use documented solutions to troubleshoot problems associated with software installation and customization.
• Develop, test, document, deploy, and maintain secure program code based on specifications.
• Perform routine maintenance on a database.
• Apply knowledge of networking concepts to develop, deploy, and maintain program code.
• Gather and document required information and assist in an analysis of a business.
• Use relevant methodologies, policies, and standards to develop secure program code.
• Maintain effective working relationships with clients.
• Conform to workplace expectations found in information technology (IT) environments.
• Contribute to the successful completion of the project applying the project management principles in use.

Computer Courses

Computer courses will allow online computer programming students the ability to specialize in specific areas or gain a broad knowledge of all areas of computer programming. Some of the computer courses will include the following:

• .net Technology and C# Programming
• Advanced Internet Applications - Web Services
• Application Development
• Data Communications - Local Area Networks
• Data Network Design and Configuration - Routers and Switches
• Database Design and Implementation
• Enterprise Java Development
• Interactive User Interface Design
• Introduction to Business Software Systems
• IT Project Management Using PMP
• Linux/Unix Operating
• Mathematics for Computing
• Mobile Web-based Applications
• Object Oriented Programming
• Problem Solving/Programming Logic
• Systems Analysis and Design
• Technical Reports and Presentations
• Technology: Apocalypse or Eden?
• Web Development

Graduates may find a variety of employment opportunities as applications programmers and systems analysts who can work independently and as part of a team to analyze, design, code, debug, test, implement and maintain application systems. Training in web programming, business programming, database design and database administration may also present job opportunities in those areas. Employment may be found in organizations of all sizes in both the public and private sectors.

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