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How Do I Earn a Microsoft MCSA?

Software Programming

Earning aMicrosoft MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) certification is a great starting point for entering the field of information technology (IT). It can help open doors for more advanced jobs within the IT realm, as well as help beginners understand the IT field better. The MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) certification would be the next step, focusing on more specialized technical areas and advancing previous credentials.

How Do I Earn a Microsoft MCSA? - Microsoft MCSA Schools

TheMicrosoft MCSA consists of understanding and passing examinations regarding different topics, includingWindows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows 8, Windows 7, SQL Server 2012, and SQL Server 2008.

What Does the Microsoft MCSA Program Consist of?

The program is designed to enhance your understanding of IT issues that would arise in a typical IT workplace setting. You would learn tools to help you overcome technicalobstacles in a problem-solving fashion.

What are the Steps to Obtain a Micrsoft MCSA?

The process of earning a Microsoft MCSA include choosing which Windows version you would like to specialize in (Windows 2008, Windows 2012, etc.) so you can have a core direction as to your specialty. The most current version would likely be the most beneficial since companies rely on newer technology to keep up with quicker and heavier workloads.

Next, look at the order of the Microsoft MCSA courses and decide which courses are most suitable foryou. After deciding which course load pertains to your desired field, it is advised that you start your work with the basic desktop programs first (Windows XP or Professional). Windows XP is highly recommended since there are more advanced options available for later courses.

What Order Should the Microsoft MCSA Tests be Taken in?

Microsoft MCSA has a large focus on the server-related tests and exams in order to manage specific elements of IT, including organizations and networks. As a rule of thumb, taking exams in chronological order may be your best bet since you will have full background on the upcoming courses.


The Microsoft MCSA electives are mandatory, and one is required in order to complete your exam. You can take an elective pertaining to different elements of IT that peak your interest, adding to your desired career path. Electives are always helpful and can add a more interesting element to your course load.

Studying for the Microsoft MCSA:

Studying for the Microsoft MCSA can be tricky, but different people learn different ways, so understanding what approach works for you can help you achieve a better grade. If you are a self-starter and enjoy working at your own pace, the 'self-study' approach may work best for you, but if you need structure, the Microsoft MCSA 'class-driven'study courses can help.

The benefits of the self-driven approach are the costs you would save since you can study from home, save travel expenses, and work another job ifhave to.The benefits of the class model is that you have a direct understanding of the core components of the exam, as well as a clear understanding of what path to follow in terms of studying.

Both studying methods for the Microsoft MCSA are beneficial, but it is up to the student to decide what works best for them.

The IT field is very large and earning a Microsoft MCSA is a good way to understand the basic concepts of the field or add credentials to your resume. There are many sites available from Microsoft to learn more!

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