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Computer Program Job Overview

Software Programming

Computer Program Job - Computer Programming Schools

Computer programming is a diverse field that continues to expand as technology continues to evolve. While the role of a computer programmer does vary based on the position title and company you work for, there are a number of general job skills and requirements that exist for all programming positions. Therefore, there is no shortage of career options for programmer to consider once they are ready to enter the workforce. 

Programming job requirements

Computer programmers write and trouble shoot computer software programs and applications. The work they do could be for internal programs or they could be external programs that are used by the company’s clients. 

In most cases, computer programming jobs involve scripting, coding, designing, writing, and debugging computer code. However, responsibilities can vary and evolve with company computing needs. 

Here are some of the regular duties that are included with programming jobs:

• Project planning and management
• Usability testing and trial runs
• Consultation with management and end users to ensure programs meet specific business objectives
• Training employees on new computer programs and applications
• Edit, re program and alter program functionality to meet company needs
• Update computer systems
• Provide technical support internally

Skills and abilities

Programmers are required to have a set of specialized computer skills. Outside of these specialized skills, companies commonly seek out computer programmers that are also well versed in:

• Critical thinking
• Complex problem solving
• Troubleshooting
• Time management
• System analysis
• Communications
• Good judgement and decision making
• Technical acumen

Education Requirements

Programmers are expected to have an academic background in a computer programming related degree or diploma. The following are some of the most commonly required programming degrees:

• Bachelor or Masters of Computer Science
• Computer programmer diploma
• Computer engineering
• Software development
• Database application development

Most programmers also engage in continuing education to keep up with new programing languages, techniques, and strategies. This is a vital part of maintaining your position and specialized in a specific type of programing. 

Professional certifications

Depending on the position and the programming language used by the company, you may be required to have knowledge and experience with certain programming languages. Some companies even require certification in a new of knowledge based areas. Some of the most common required certifications include:

• Microsoft
• Oracle
• People Soft
• Sun
• Sybase

Many positions also require knowledge of specific programming languages. Some of the most common include:

• C+
• Java
• JavaScript
• Perl
• Python

Work environment

Many companies offer diverse working environment for their programmers. Programmers are often afforded the option to work flex hours and many also have the ability to work from home occasionally. Depending on the project requirements, programmers may be expected to work collaboratively with others on a project team or individually on smaller projects. An increasing number of programmer also offering their services on a freelance basis either as a home based business or a way to earn extra income outside of their normal job. 

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