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Online Computer Networking Degree


Careers in the computing industry is the smart way to go for students that are on the fence about what education and career path to pursue, especially if you are skilled with computers and technology. You need to have computing skills regardless of your chosen career path. But, if you are thinking about a computer based career, then a computer networks degree from a computer networks school is something worth looking into further. 

Education Choices

Computer Networks Degree Options 

Students considering doing a degree in computer networks have a number of education options to think about. They include:

• Bachelor of Science Computer Networking Degree
• Computer Networking Diploma
• Computer Network Security Diploma
• Network Systems Administration Degree
• Bachelor of IT Network Administration

Computer networks course options can be taken in community college, technical schools and at the university level.

Another thing to think about is industry certification. There are many different types of computer network certifications to consider pursuing. Each additional certification will only add to your credibility as a network professional and help increase your career opportunities and earning potential. 

Why Go To Computer Networks School Online? 

Like many other computer related degrees, it makes sense to do a computer networks degree online. Since you will be working in an online environment and working on creating, troubleshooting, and maintaining computer networks, learning in the environment that you will be working in, which is online, can help to enhance the learning process and assist with skill development. While online learning is not ideal for all degrees, it does make sense for a computer networks degree and computer networks school. 

Computer Networks Course Options 

The following are some of the computer networks courses that will be offered as part of your education. Courses include:

• PC Hardware
• Computer operating systems
• Network troubleshooting
• Data communications
• Web server installation
• Linux
• Microsoft Windows Server
• Internship
• Professional communications
• Introduction to databases
• Report writing
• Network design
• Computer programming

Course availability and options will vary based on the school that you attend. 

What You Will Learn At Computer Networks School 

Computer networks school graduates will be ready to work as soon as they complete their computer networks degree. As part of their education in computer networks school, you will learn:

• How to build and develop local area and wide area networks
• Communicate IT related knowledge to co-workers, partners and clients
• Trouble shoot computer networks and other IT related systems
• Help organizations meet their computer networking and technology goals and objectives
• Apply IT policies and best practices to effectively manage computer networks 

Career Opportunities for Computer Networks School Graduates 

Computer networks school graduates have the skills and knowledge to work in a variety of positions within the computer industry. Some of the most common positions obtained by computer networks school graduates include:

• Computer network technician
• Support technician
• Network administrator
• Network specialist
• Network control engineer
• LAN technician
• WAN technician

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