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Computer Network Manager Salary & Career Facts


Computer Network Manager Salary & Career Facts

Innovations in technology have led to an increase in demand for computer related careers. One career path that has experienced a significant jump in demand is computer network management. Computer network managers are responsible for the proper function of computer networks. A computer network is the system that enables computers to exchange data. The proper management of these networks is essential for communication among computers. One of the most widely used computer networks is the internet. If becoming a computer network manager sounds interesting to you, keep reading to find out more information on this rapidly growing career path. 

Computer Network Manager Salary & Career Facts - Computer Network Manager Schools

Personal Characteristics of Computer Network Managers 

A career in computer network management requires a special kind of person. Computer managers must possess the following characteristics in order to be successful in their work:

● Ability to multitask
● Understanding of computers
● Ability to analyze data
● Creativity
● Ability to think critically
● Knowledge of computer applications
● Ability to read and understand complex technical information

These skills and characteristics are essential for a career as a computer network manager. If you do not currently have all of these skills you may be able to develop them with practice and training. 

Salary for Computer Network Managers 

If you have the necessary skills, you will be financially rewarded for utilizing them. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and information systems managers made an average annual salary of $ 129,130 in 2012. This works out to $ 62.08 per hour. This salary is an average for all people working in computer and information management positions. The annual salary for all computer and information systems managers in the United States ranges from $ 74,940 to more than $ 152,380. 

Career Outlook for Computer Network Managers 

The career outlook for computer network managers has increased in response to innovations in technology and growing demand for people who are trained to work in technology driven positions. The career outlook is expected to grow by 18% between 2010 and 2020. This is higher than the career outlook for all positions, which is projected to be 14% during this same time frame. 

Education for Computer Network Managers 

Most employers require their computer network managers to have at least a bachelor’s degree, which can be obtained through a computer networks school. Some prefer that their computer network managers also have an MBA in business administration with an emphasis in technology. A computer networks degree is a common degree for computer network managers. Another degree option is computer science. Regardless of whether you choose a computer networks degree or a computer science degree, you will be required to take the following computer networks courses as a part of your computer networks school’s degree program:

● Computer Operating Systems
● Network Security
● Database Management
● Mathematics
● Networking Technologies

These are only a few of the required computer networks courses for most computer networks schools’ computer networks degree programs. More specific computer networks course requirements will depend on the computer networks school and computer networks degree program you choose. You can obtain information about the specific courses that are required by the computer networks school that interests you by contacting a counselor at the computer networks school. You can also gain additional information about the computer networks school’s specific computer networks degree program requirements.

Get started with your career as a computer network manager today by contacting a computer networks school that interests you!

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