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Campus Computer Networking Degree


Campus Computer Networking Degree

What are Campus Computer Networks?

Computer Networks are a telecommunications form that allow for the exchange of data through a multitude of different mediums. Computer networks can take a number of different forms, always passing information from one node to the next, making up a network. Some types of computer networks include: 

Campus Computer Networking Degree - Computer Networking Schools

• VPN networks
• Wi-Fi networks
• Fiber optic networks
• Wide Area Networks (WAN)
• Local Area Networks (LAN)

All networks have different functions, but usually support network applications for users to utilize and share information. 

What Interpersonal Skills do I Need to Work With Computer Networks?

Certain skills are needed to work with computer networks since they are so complex and are prone to share viruses that affect other users. Some skills may include:

• A keen eye for detail
• An understanding of computer network wiring
• Multitasking abilities
• Team work capabilities
• A high tolerance to stress or unexpected errors
• Problem solving capabilities
• Good interpersonal skills to discuss issues and resolve them

There may be other skills that are necessary to work with computer networks, but essentially, most computer technology areas revolve around team-work and the ability to problem solve. As technology evolves, so do newer and greater applications, so keeping up to date with such information is also essential to maintaining a long-standing career around computer networks. 

What do Computer Networks do?

Computer networks act as a social tool for users, letting different people from various parts of the world or business environment connect and share information. As such, some functions of computer networks may include:

• Facilitating email functions
• Transferring shared information
• The ability to maintain and uphold computer network services
• Storing information
• Creating a network diagram
• Finding solutions to problems and fixing them quickly
• Working to protect network users from viruses
• Facilitate in printing functions
• Allow for shared video content
• Setting up chat rooms or discussion forums
• Video teleconferencing
• Instant messages and technical support

There may be other types of computer networks available to users, but the most common involve the shared use of information. The largest example of a computer network would be the Internet, which is literally a web of different networks connecting together to share a slew of information internationally from user to user. 

What Type of Schooling is Needed to Work with Computer Networks?

Computer networks require a high level of education in order to understand the complex nature of such networks. Degrees at either the bachelors or masters level would be the most suitable. As well, extra courses outside of school may be useful when deciding on specific networks you wish to major in. Some schooling options include, but are not limited to:

• In-school or online bachelors degree courses in computer engineering, networking, or computer science
• In-school or online masters degree courses in computer engineering, networking, or computer science
• Associates degree program in computer networks or computer science
• Fast-track or part-time schooling

There may be other schooling options, but typically, a master’s degree is the most highly sought credential upon entering the workplace.

Overall, the field of computer networks is a widely expanding and lucrative field that requires the ability to understand networks and solve problems that arise. If working with computer networks is something that you would enjoy, speaking to a reputable school about what credentials you need is a great way to get started!

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