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Computer Science Engineer Salary & Career Facts

Computer Science Engineering

A computer engineer is an individual who embeds computers in other machines and systems, builds networks to transfer data, and develops ways to make computers, faster, smaller, and more capable. Someone with a computer science degree who is working as a computer engineer works to improve the ability of computers to “see” and “think”, through technological advancements. 

Computer Salary Career Schools

If you are interested in the fields of electrical engineering, and computer science, then the blended knowledge of these two fields you will use as a computer engineer may be the right career path for you!

What schooling will I need to be a computer engineer?

Someone who works as a computer engineer will make use of knowledge gleamed from both electrical engineering school as well as computer science school.

If you are interested in working in the field of computer engineering, then it is advisable to take computer science courses which are geared towards engineers as well as your regular computer science course load during your undergraduate years. Once you have completed your undergraduate years, you can go on to take engineering in computer science courses at a Master’s level, and receive your MA in Computer Engineering.

What can I expect to make as a computer engineer?

The median salary for someone who has earned their Computer Science degree, and is currently working as a Computer Engineer is $65,300 at the beginning of their career (right after they have graduated computer science school), and $106,000 mid-career.

This is an average, which can vary depending on where you attended computer science school, what courses you may have taken in computer science school, and how many years of experience you have in the working world, after graduating computer science school.

Those with a Computer Science degree have been found to have some of the highest salaries upon graduating computer science school. In fact a recent poll by PayScale found that computer science degrees lead to four of the jobs in the top 20 highest paying majors list. Those majors included: Computer Engineering (at number six); Computer Science degree (at number eight); Software Engineering (at number 12); and Management Information Systems (at number 18).

As you can see from this information, those who have graduated computer science school and are working in the field of computer engineering typically have the highest salary of anyone with a computer science-related degree, however they will also have some of the highest salaries in the field of engineering.

There are very few industries that don’t make use of computers on a regular basis. As a result, you will have the option to work in pretty much any industry that is of interest to you once you have completed computer science school.

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