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Computer Engineer Salary & Career Facts

Computer Science Engineering

Computer engineering degree graduates develop, design and test software or hardware, or construct and maintain computer networks or programs for companies. 

Computer Engineer Salary & Career - Computer Engineer Schools

How much will I make with a computer engineering degree?

The average salary for a computer engineering school graduate is $ 89,000 annually. A new computer engineering degree graduate can expect to earn anywhere from $ 56,000 to $ 71,000 per year.

The salary you make as a computer engineering school graduate will be determined by the industry in which you work, your years of experience and your geographic location.

Other facts about computer engineering degree graduate careers:

• Computer engineering degree graduates work in two fields: Computer Software Engineer and Computer Hardware Engineer.
• A computer software engineer creates the software that translates commands from applications into instructions that the hardware can understand. The software they create can be used on desktop and laptop computers, cell phones, vehicle GPS systems, and even onboard computers in your car.
• A computer hardware engineer researches, designs and tests the physical components of a computer, including circuit boards, chips and keyboards. They also ensure that the physical components of a computer that they create will function within the parameters of the latest software developments.
• The majority of computer engineering school graduates in the workplace earned their BA degree (75 per cent), whereas the remainder had continued in computer engineering school to earn their Master’s or PhDs. It is not necessary to go that far in school, however it does have the potential to improve your marketability in the job market if you do.
• Computer engineering schools offer students the ability to take their computer engineering courses online, or on campus. Taking your computer engineering courses on campus will offer you the opportunity to get to know your classmates, and build a stronger network of peers, whereas doing computer engineering courses online will offer you the chance to learn at your own pace, and learn in the same environment (online) which you will one day be working.
• Before being hired as a computer engineer, many employers will want you to have a few years of experience. As a result, it may be a good idea to find an entry-level, or part time job in IT (perhaps on a help desk) while you are still in school. Some of these jobs can also be found as part of an internship within your computer engineering school degree program. This is something you may want to look into when choosing which school you are interested in attending.
• The field of computer engineering is expected to grow, with nearly 300,000 jobs being created for computer engineering school graduates by the year 2018. The rapid growth of computer networks in the workplace is a large part of the reason for the growth in jobs for computer engineering school graduates.

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