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Computer Engineer FAQ's

Computer Science Engineering

What is computer engineering?

At its core, computer engineering is the practice of using science to solve computer-related problems. A computer engineering school graduate builds computers and computer-based systems (such as those found in cars planes, appliances, phones and other products. A computer engineering degree graduate designs both hardware and software. 

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What will I need to be accepted into a computer engineering program?

Computer engineering is a very lucrative career, and as a result many computer engineering programs can be quite competitive.  Compute engineering programs will be looking for strong math and science grades. These grades will be required at both a high school and university level, as most programs require a general first year (some require two), before students can gain admission into the computer engineering degree program.

What will I need other than a computer engineering degree?

All engineers need knowledge of science and math. You will also need to work in a team setting, and have strong problem solving skills. Computer engineering school graduates also need strong communication skills.

What can I do with a computer engineering school degree?

Once you have completed computer engineering school you will be eligible for a variety of jobs, some of which will include: programmer, or IT analyst. You will likely find work working for a technology company.

How much will I make once I graduate computer engineering school?

Once you have graduated with your computer engineering degree, you can expect to earn an average salary of just over $ 100,000.

As is the case with most careers, your salary once you graduate computer engineering school will vary, depending on where you earned your engineering degree, where you live, and your years of experience.

What are the job prospects for computer engineering school graduates?

Since technology is always growing, and the need for new computers, and computer-related technology continues to grow, there is a high demand for computer engineering degree holders. In fact, computer engineering school graduates are among some of the highest paid, and most sought after graduates. Many obtain jobs before they have even completed their degree programs.

What else should I know?

Engineering, particularly computer engineering is a field which is constantly changing and growing, as technology does. As a result, someone who wants a career in computer engineering must dedicate themselves to lifelong learning. Throughout your career you will want to continue to take engineering courses, workshops, and seminars in order to improve your skills, and to learn about new technologies and trends. Many companies will cover the cost for you to take these engineering courses, and some companies may even offer engineering courses themselves.

Computer engineering is a quickly-growing, lucrative field, and a strong career choice for individuals who are interested in working with technology. 

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