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How Much Does an Animation Designer Make Per Year?

Game Design/Animation

How Much Does an Animation Designer Make Per Year? 

Animation designers are highly trained professionals who create interesting and unique characters and landscapes for television and film.  They are the professionals who create cartoons and they are also known to be required during video game and computer game design.  The majority of animation designers have a college or university degree relating to computer animation or multimedia art.  When applying for a career as an animation designer, you will be entering an industry that can provide individuals with a stable career opportunity. The vast majority of animation designers also acquire a reasonable salary for their work. 

How Much Does an Animation Designer Make Per Year? - Computer Animations Schools

General Income Figures 

There are an ample amount of animation designers that are hired by a variety of different companies throughout the world.  These designers can expect to acquire an average hourly rate of $ 32.72.  When calculated, this figure equates to $ 68,060.00 annually.  The top 10% of animation designers earn between $ 82,860.00 and $ 109,370.00 annually.

Industry Income Figures

Each animation designer acquires a different annual salary due to many factors, one of which being the industry that they are working in.  As an example, those who produce cartoons for television may make more money than animation designers that work for independent video games.

One third of the professionals in the animation designing industry work with film and television and they are also known to acquire the highest annual salary in the animation design industry at $ 83,250.00.  In comparison to those working in the advertising industry ($ 64,780.00), and those working with video game and computer game production ($ 64,820.00).

Location Income Figures

Another factor that determines the annual salary of an animation designer is the location of the professional.  Those who work in multimedia meccas such as California acquire a higher annual salary than those who live in more rural areas.  For those working in larger cities, they earn between $ 83,730.00 and $ 70,670.00.  Whereas those in more rural areas can earn between $ 30,310.00 and $ 50,515.00.

Career Outlook

As television shows, games, and movies become more technologically advanced, the need for animation designers is constantly on the rise.  With that being said, the ever-growing demand for animation designers will provide graduates with an ample amount of career opportunities.  You will easily be able to find a career with a reputable company that will provide you with financial stability and the opportunity to express your creativity.

One issue that may become a factor for animators in certain areas is that studios are beginning to hire international animators for lower rates than those residing in nearby areas.  This contributes to a slower job growth rate in comparison to other career fields.

As an animation designer you will experience an ample amount of benefits both in-school and during your time as a professional designer.  Developing your animation skills during post-secondary schooling will help to ensure that you have the utmost amount of knowledge required for a professional in this field.

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