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Campus Special Effects Designer Degree

Game Design/Animation

Campus Special Effects Designer Degree

Entertainment is a large portion of every day society and without the use of special effects designers, television shows and movies would be lack luster and less enjoyable. A special effects designer degree will allow you to become one of the most important aspects of video production and design. Whether you are interested in working with television shows, movies, or simple website effects, a special effects designer degree is of the utmost importance. As one of the most involved types of design degrees available, you will be required to participate in an ample amount of studies to acquire your certifications. 

Campus Special Effects Designer Degree - Special Effects Design Schools

General Schooling Options

If you are interested in participating in careers such as pyrotechnics, puppeteering, creating models, or creating makeup effects, finding the appropriate technical schools will assist you greatly. Technical schools are specialized in working with students to teach them all of the creative and fundamental aspects of becoming a special effects designer. With the help of these programs you will be able to acquire an associate degree in less than two years.

For those who are interested in visual effects such as animation, attending an art school may benefit you more. For those who are interested in visual arts, the most popular certification is a Bachelor of Fine Arts. This particular type of degree will require you to participate in an ample amount of classes including:

• Digital animation
• 3D character modeling
• Sculpting
• Drawing
• Hand-drawn animation
• Lighting
• Digital painting

Specialized Certifications 

For those who are uninterested in technical or art schools, there are four year colleges and universities that have courses related to special effects. The majority of these schools are known for their art departments or their technical departments. These four year programs will allow you to acquire specialized certifications that will help to create a beneficial portfolio. Another benefit associated with specialized certification programs is that they will involve you with state of the art collaborative independent projects. The majority of specialized certifications will provide you with master certificates. 

The Importance of Certifications and Schooling

The main reason as to why it is imperative to acquire your certifications is so that employers know that you have the knowledge required to be an immediate employee. The majority of special effects firms do not have the time to train all of their employees. Therefore they are constantly looking for trained individuals who require limited supervision. With the appropriate amount of schooling and education, you will be able to showcase your talents to potential employers.

As a special effects designer you will have many different employment opportunities as these professionals are constantly in demand by design firms. You will be able to find a stable career in a field that will constantly keep you interested. If you are interested in providing enjoyable and unique atmospheres for film and television, research your local special effects design programs immediately.

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