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Animation Schools

Game Design/Animation

Animation schools are usually community colleges or private institutes that allow students to understand the basics of animation and illustration. An education in animation can rage from a diploma to a bachelor’s degree, so the possibilities are limitless in terms of where the field can lead. 

Animation - Computer Animation

What Does Animation Involve?

Animation is the use of different media to bring images to life using both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional imagery. Some types of animation include, but are not limited to:

• 3D animation
• Computer animation
• Design illustration
• Stop-frame animation

Most types of animation start by using a drawing board, then using collaboration and different effects to achieve an end result, making a still image come to life. 

What Skills Should I Possess to Become an Animator?

There are a series of skills that are beneficial to future animators, namely:
• Computer knowledge and some IT experience
• A willingness to take on a large amount of work
• Continuous learning
• Team-working capabilities
• Utilizing artistic abilities on a daily basis
• The ability to make a vision reality
• Constructive collaboration
• An understanding of light
• Time management
• Improvisational skills
• The ability to do repetitive tasks for hours on end

Overall, the skills required to become an animator are mainly focused on team-work and artistic ability. Collaboration is essential to finishing a lengthy project and many courses in animation school will enable students to participate in group projects. 

What Equipment is Needed to Become an Animator?

An animator, depending on the style of work, does not rely heavily on too much equipment, but rather materials such as illustration paper, artist markets, sketching pencils, and computers. Some other tools encouraged in animation schools include:
• A camera (DSL)
• Lights with stands
• Clay or other material to make models
• Editing and video recording software for your computer
• A laptop computer
• An eraser, scissors, pencils, and other basic art supplies
• Models or props

Animation is not overly reliant on heavy equipment and the industry itself is slowly shifting into a digital age where computers are the most essential basis for a short film or production. 

What Schooling is Needed to Become an Animator?

Animation schools are typically colleges and specialty institutions. A bachelor’s degree in art or design is the best way to secure a position within an animation studio. Such a degree will prepare you to understand and utilize drawing principles, historical art landmarks, as well as illustration design techniques. 

What is the Job Outlook for Graduates of Animation Schools?

Animation is a very flexible field and can allow for a 9:00 – 5:00 work schedule or a freelance job opportunity. Freelancers can make a comfortable earning from an illustrator career, giving them time to maintain their personal life as well as their work life simultaneously.

Overall, animations schools are amazing resources that allow artists to develop and implement their skills. Job opportunities remain solid and there is a heavy need for computer and 3D illustration design, so by understanding both animation and computer design, you can gain a competitive advantage.

If attending one of many animation schools seems interesting to you, calling a college directly or speaking to an animator in the field is the best way to understand what being an animator entails and what skills you may need!

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