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Animation Designer Salary & Career Facts

Game Design/Animation

Animation Designer Salary & Career Facts

Careers in animation are something that many students are considering in today’s economy. In a similar fashion to graphic design, web design, and other internet related careers, the demand has increased for people with these skills. Animation designers do much more that make cartoons these days, even though this is still a great career option. With advances in technology, animation designers are now used in many different industries such as television, movies, marketing and advertising, video games, and website development. So, there is ample opportunity to find a job in a wide variety of industries with this training and education. 

Animation Designer Salary

Animation Designer Salary & Career Facts - Computer Animation Schools

Salary expectations for animation designers vary widely based on your experience and the type of animation projects that you are working on. On average, an animation designer can expect to make anywhere from $ 30, 000 to $ 50,000 per year. However, as in most industries, more experience equates to more money. Experience can also lead to more advanced positions in animation management, which also will increase you expected yearly income.

Your salary is also impacted by your decision to work with a company or to freelance and work independently. Location is also something that you need to factor in when trying to get a sense of your earning potential. Ideally, you should try to be located in areas where animation is in high demand to increase your odds of getting a job and making more money. 

Animation Designer Career Facts

If you are considering a career as an animation designer the following facts and information should provide you some insight into what you can expect:

• The industry trend is to focus on computer based animation.
• The video game industry provides many opportunities for animation designers.
• Animators are often required to work additional hours to ensure project deadlines are met.
• Most animators get their start in drawing and more traditional forms of art.
• IT skills are essential for careers in animation.
• Some of the most important skills to have include creativity and innovation, attention to detail, effective communication skills, organization, focus, as well as being able to work in many different working situations.
• The overwhelming majority of people that work in the industry have an animation related college diploma.
• Common college degrees include Arts and Design, Animation Production, Computer Animation, and Computer Visualization.
• Most animators get their start by enrolling in an internship program or co-op and then are hired out of school.
• Most animators start their career with smaller companies and then move onto larger companies as they gain more experience.
• Many people start out in web design and graphic design and then specialize in animation.
• Developing an extensive portfolio to showcase your skills is a key factor in getting hired for animation projects.

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