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Animation Designer FAQ’s

Game Design/Animation

Animation Designer FAQ’s

What Does an Animation Designer Do? 

An animation designer is responsible for making images, finalizing them, and making them appear in films in a life-like fashion. Some examples might be drawn images or the use of models in still frame shots. 

3D animators are also on the rise since many digital movies are coming out for children and youth audiences, using CGI (computer generated images) over typical animation sketches.Animation Designer FAQs - Computer Animation

What is the Typical Work Day Like for an Animation Designer?

An animation designer uses a series of techniques to get a single shot, and some techniques include the use of computer animation, namely drawn 2D animation and computerized 3D (CGI) animation. Finally, stop frame or stop motion film can used with clay elements and models and backgrounds.

The hours of work for an animation designer are typically 9:00-5:00, while freelancing is also very common.

What Equipment is Needed to Become an Animation Designer?

Very good lighting is needed as well as professional camera equipment depending on the type of project being filmed. A computer as well as a drawing board is important, as well as studio space to properly map out and prepare a project.

Depending on the production, some tools such as clay, wire, yarn, or other craft elements may be needed to finish a model or set a design. Usually, animation designers stick to a drawing board, paper, or marker mediums in everyday projects, but computer animation jobs may require 3D animation and IT experience.

What Skills Should an Animation Designer Have?

There are an array of skills needed to finish a project including:

• Time management
• Computer and IT skills
• Team work abilities
• Drawing abilities
• Stop frame experience
• Creative collaboration
• Ability to do repetitive tasks for long periods on end

Overall, imagination and the ability to put an idea on paper is critical to the workload of an animation designer.

What Credentials Do I need to Become an Animation Designer?

Typically, a bachelors of arts with an emphasis on animation and media is the best way to enter the field. As well, an understanding of art history and art principles such as drawing, sculpting, and crafts is vital to get a rounded perspective on animation.

What is the Salary Range for an Animation Designer?

The average salary for full time employment as an animation designer is anywhere from $ 40,000.00 - $ 70,000.00 per annum, depending on the company or studio for which you work.

Freelance work for designers is also a possibility, which could result in a higher income if you network effectively and maintain a portfolio of your work.

Where is the Most Lucrative Field for Animation Design? 

Children’s movies and television have very high ratings, as well as larger film company productions. Often times, CGI is used for both realistic movie productions as well as cartoon productions, adding to the quality of the movie and adding extra impact to the visuals. 

Overall, animation design is a competitive but well-paid field that relies heavily on networking, teamwork, and a strong understanding of artistic principles and practices. If this field interests you, talking to someone in the field or researching online is the best way to understand what steps you should take to make your vision a reality!

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