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Campus Pastoral Community Counseling Degree


Campus Pastoral Community Counseling Degree

What is Campus Pastoral Community Counseling?

Pastoral community counseling is the practice of bringing together individuals who share similar beliefs and helping to motivate them for the sake of personal development. Counseling can be either be very spiritual or very practical, dealing with a number of issues that affect everyone in their lifetime including, but not limited to:  Campus Pastoral Community Counseling Degree - Campus Pastoral Community Counseling Degree Schools
• Greif and loss
• Divorce issues
• Maternity and stress
• Substance abuse or withdrawal
• Dating issues and marital issues
• Youth issues such as bullying or peer pressure

All pastoral community counseling techniques are grounded on the basis of faith, self-love, and self-development in a healthy fashion. Overall, the purpose of pastoral community counseling is to give people of faith, hope, and when applied to the campus environment, allowing student bodies to have guidance throughout their stay at college.

What Skills are Needed to Enter Campus Pastoral Community Counseling?

Campus pastoral community counseling is fixed on strong religious beliefs and the ability to help others during tough situations, so some beneficial skills may include:

• The ability to empathize
• Keeping issues private and confidential due to their sensitive nature
• Knowing when to recommend someone for higher means of care such as psychiatric or psychological assessments
• A good understanding of generally challenging issues
• Looking for ways to solve issues by understanding triggers and how to replace them with healthy activities such as prayer or exercise
• Being realistic and goal based when giving advice or direction
• Being objective with good barriers when working with clients

Other skills may include stress tolerance and the ability to easily recover from upsetting or sad meetings with clients. Finally, professional boundaries are essential to a healthy client-counselor relationship.

What Schooling is Need to Enter Campus Pastoral Community Counseling?

There are different avenues for schooling, but typically, a pastoral community counseling degree is grantedafter placement. Therefore, entering a campus placement is a great way to qualify for future campus work. Some schooling options may include both online degree programs and in-school degree programs either at a public or private college. Both would be just as useful as the other, allowing students to have schedules that work for them during their schooling. Some course options may include:
• An in-school or online bachelors degree in counseling
• In-school or online master degree programs
• Doctoral degree programs online or in-school
• Obtaining a pastoral counseling certificate online
• Extra-curricular school counseling program

All options are a great way to start a career in campus pastoral community counseling, but graduate programs for school counseling at the maters level are preferred. Speaking directly to a college in your area about what courses you need to enter the field of pastoral community counseling would be the best way to understand what steps you need to take.

How do I get Started?

The best way to get background on the field of campus pastoral community counseling is to speak to someone in the field and ask how they enjoy their work and what their lifestyle entails. If you are still interested, speaking to a college representative about entry requirements is beneficial, as well as reviewing the course load online. This will give you a better idea of what the job entails! 

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