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How to Become a Travel Agent

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How To Become a Travel Agent - Travel Agent Schools

● Do you love to travel?
● Have you always wanted to organize travel trips for friends or family?
● Are you well organized, detail-oriented, and have a zest for adventure? 
● Have you traveled around the world and know some great places people will love to visit?
● Are you an expert at how cruise lines, airlines, bus tours, and charter tours operate?
● Are you knowledgeable in geography, computer skills, and sales skills?

If you have said yes to any of these questions, perhaps a career as a travel agent is a perfect match for you. In today’s article, we will discuss how to become a travel agent through an online degree program.

In today’s travel industry, the role of a travel agent is more independent, more accessible to newcomers, and allows you to work from home. Travel agents may specialize in the following areas:

● Foreign travel
● Domestic travel
● Cruises
● Business travel
● Leisure travel
● Individual travel
● Group travel
● Tour groups
● Destination weddings

Once you have considered which travel agent specialty you wish to pursue, here are some steps you will need to take to become a travel agent:

Step One:  

Select an online vocational education program that offers a diploma, certificate, or degree for the travel agency profession.  Some things to consider when choosing an online travel agent degree program:  

Choose an online vocational education program that fits into your budget.
Choose an online vocational education program that offers scholarships.
Choose an online vocational education program that allows for student loans, student grants, or other funding opportunities.

Step Two:  

Enroll your online degree program and complete all the steps necessary to earn your travel agent certificate, diploma, or degree. Get as much training as possible on the major travel agent software programs used through the industry, including Appollo, Sabre, or Worldspan.

Step Three:  

Consider working as an employee or inside agent at a travel agency to learn the daily tasks of a travel agent.

Step Four:  

Put together mock up travel plans for various kinds of customers you wish to pursue with the help of the Internet. Here are some things to consider putting into your mock up travel plans:

● Describe your targeted travelers for each trip (age, gender, interests, number of travelers)
● Airline reservation comparisons
● Plan travel itineraries
● Arrange accommodations
● Schedule fun things to do in the cities you’ve chosen
● Discover the 10 ten must-see destinations in each city you’ve chosen
● Select multiple restaurants for your travelers, taking into consideration any food restrictions
● Find information on customs regulations
● Find information on currency rates
● Determine what required paperwork is needed, including visas, passports, and certificates of vaccination

Step Five:

Once your travel agent education is complete, produce a portfolio of your travel agency experience and show it to potential employers. Perhaps your online travel agent degree program will assist you in landing your next job as a travel agent.

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