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Online Civil Engineering Degree

Civil Engineering

What is Civil Engineering?

Civil engineering deals with the functionality of structures, ensuring that the design of the structure is sound so the construction and use thereafter pays off. Typically, a bridge design or mining plan would be setup by a civil engineer, so making sure that every aspect is accounted for is essential for future users to maintain their safety. It is a form of engineering that takes on many different aliases such as: 

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• Urban engineering
• Constructional engineering
• Environmental engineering
• Geotechnical engineering
• Earth science
• Coastal engineering
• Forensic engineering

As well as many other aliases. The field is so large and encompasses a series of different disciplines that those who have many interests may find the career very rewarding. There are many different sectors that hire such engineers as well as a very high demand from employers, making for a lucrative financial future. 

What are the Daily Duties of a Civil Engineer?

A civil engineers position may encompass a series of different roles throughout the project phase. Some of the duties may include:

• Making designs for concepts, developing such ideas into plans, and working to bring them to a final phase safely
• Managing aspects of construction work such as surveying to ensure accurate measurements and dimensions
• Using civil engineering software to map out projects and store valuable information
• Reviewing project contracts
• Looking into both logistics of materials and costs of needed materials
• Understanding risks and making projections to ensure the project is built to withstand disasters
• Helping to facilitate in the cleaning up process for damaged sites such as old mine sites, waste sites, or bio-spill sites (environmental engineering)
• Understanding the materials that will be excavated and the potential risks and dangers of explosives in certain areas
There are a series of different responsibilities in each type of engineering, but overall, safety, projections, and business-like roles are the most commonly utilized. 

What Type of Schooling is Needed to Enter the Field of Civil Engineering?

Post-secondary schooling is mandatory, and for good reason. The field of engineering is so diverse that degree courses are imperative to understanding the diverse nature of the subject and what to major in. Some schooling options may include:

• Online or in-school Bachelor degree courses in Civil Engineering or General Arts and Science
• Online or in-school Master’s degree courses in Civil Engineering
• Online or in-school Post-graduate degree courses in Civil Engineering
• Fast-track and part-time schooling
• Extracurricular courses
• Licensing (depending on state)

The licensing process is essential to entering the field, as well as minimum of a master’s degree to get a decent position. Licensing may be different from state to state, so speaking to the school you have entered is the best way to understand how to finalize your education in civil engineering.

Overall, the education needed to become a civil engineer takes about 5-6 years to obtain, but it is very worth the time in school. There are so many different fields of engineering that are in high demand, so understanding where your passion lies is a great way to choose an academic path. Speaking to a post-secondary school representative is the best way to understand what credentials you need to enter the field of civil engineering!

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