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How much does a Pastoral Community Counselor make per year?

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How much does a Pastoral Community Counselor make per year? 

If you are interested in a career that brings together your faith, the ability to help others, and provides a way for you to give back, then you should consider going to Pastoral Community Counseling School and getting a Pastoral Community Counseling degree.Much like general therapists, those with a pastoral community counseling degree can work in a variety of different venues. As long as you have the education and licensing to be a legitimate counselor, you can work in many different locations including: 

How much does a Pastoral Community Counselor make per year? - Pastoral Community Counselor Schools

• Hospitals
• Churches
• Private Offices
• Private Practices
• Community Programs

The majority of individuals with a pastoral community counseling degree find it the most advantageous to work in churches. These individuals generally provide mental health advice and other life advice to those who attend church and to general outreach programs.

Counselling Courses

Students pursuing a pastoral community counselling degree will take a variety of courses. Most pastoral counselling schools require students to take a variety of courses to produce a well rounded student who is disciplined in a variety of counselling techniques and is job ready upon graduation.

Some of the counselling courses that most counselling schools will offer include:

• Assessment of Personality and Social Functioning
• Bases of Psychopathology
• Cognitive Therapy Techniques
• Contemporary and Historical Religious Perspectives
• Counseling Children and Adolescents
• Crisis Intervention
• Grief and Loss
• Human Sexuality Issues in Counseling
• Moral and Spiritual Development and Ethical Issues in Counseling
• Multicultural Counseling
• Pastoral Counseling
• Practices of School Counseling
• Psychopathology of Childhood and Adolescence
• Research and Evaluation
• School Counseling
• Substance Abuse Assessment and Intervention
• Techniques for Behavioral Diagnosis and Intervention
• Theories and Techniques of Family Counseling
• Theories of Counseling

Salary & Career Facts

The salary for a pastoral community counsellor varies depending on a multitude of factors, particularly if you have earned a pastoral counselling degree. There are many different specialties as well. For example, some students may want to work as marriage counselors whereas others may work as Christian counselors. Below are the most popular career options for those with a pastoral community counseling degree and their earnings:

• Christian Counselors: $ 35,611.00 - $ 65,818.00
• Marriage Therapists: $ 36,129.00 - $ 56,301.00
• Family Therapists: $ 48,102.00 - $ 67,432.00

Although these are the average earned salaries for professionals in this particular industry, the more time that you spend in a pastoral community counseling school will translate to higher wages earned. The more education that you can earn will make you more employable and provide you with a better job title once you have graduated from a pastoral community counseling school.

If you are interested in combining faith and psychoanalysis to assist individuals with mental health issues and to provide other types of life advice, finding your local pastoral community counseling school can be advantageous. With the ability to take a pastoral community counseling course, you will learn many important components of the industry. Considering that the market for jobs in this area is slowly increasing, there will be more pastoral community counseling school options available in the future. 

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