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How Much Does A General Engineer Make Per Year?

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How Much Does A General Engineer Make Per Year?

Being a general engineer is a popular academic and career choice for engineering students. The diverse and interdisciplinary scope of the general engineering program prepares students for engineering jobs in many areas within society. The following will take a look at general engineering, salary expectations in this field, and factors that have an impact on your career and earning potential as a general engineer.

How Much Does A General Engineer Make Per Year? - General Engineer Schools

What is a General Engineer?

A general engineer is a multidisciplinary field that attempts to solve real world and everyday problems. Therefore, general engineer school provides students with an interdisciplinary engineer degree program that provides them with skills and knowledge in a variety of areas such as engineering science, design, mechanics, controls systems and a systems approach to decision making.

There are many different fields of specialization for general engineer school graduates to define as there area of focus while working on their degree. Some of these specializations include:

• Business system integration
• Audio engineering
• Control systems
• Operations research
• Robotics
• Manufacturing and design
• Product development and testing

The beauty of general engineering is that the diverse skill set that you develop in school opens the door to many different career opportunities once you graduate.

How Much Does A General Engineer Make Per Year?

General engineers make an average yearly salary of approximately $ 90, 000 per year. But, this doesn’t necessarily ensure that you will make this amount. Since this is the average salary, engineer school graduates should expect to start at a lesser rate and work their way up the pay scale. 

5 Factors that impact how much money you make

The following 5 factors can have a major impact on your earning potential when you graduate from engineer school. They include:

Engineer School Choice: The engineer school you attend can impact your salary. Going to an engineer school with a good reputation will make you a more attractive job candidate.

Engineer Degree Level: The engineer degree you complete is significant. People that have a Masters engineer degree will make more money than students that have a bachelors general engineer degree.

Engineer Course Certification: Doing an engineer course certification helps to enhance your credentials. Make sure that you consider all engineer course certification options and choose the one that makes most sense considering your career goals.

Location and experience: These two factors play a role in the salary that you can expect from any career and general engineering is no different. Consider moving to an area where engineers are paid more if salary is a major concern. Experience comes with time.

Demand in the industry: Sometimes, there are factors that you don’t really have control over. If the economy is down, it could impact the engineering industry. Make note of these things when going to engineer school.

Keep these factors in mind when thinking about how much money you will make as a general engineer right out of school and for the duration of your career.

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