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General Engineering Salary & Career Facts

Chemical Engineering

General Engineering Salary & Career Facts

Engineering is a diverse field that encompasses many different career opportunities and positions. Deciding to go to engineering school and get an engineering degree can take you on many different career paths, each of which has a different set of roles, responsibilities and salary grades for your career.

General Engineering Salary & Career Facts - General Engineering SchoolsThe following will take a look at general engineering salary information and career facts to give engineering school students an ideal of what they can expect when they graduate with an engineering degree. 

General Engineering Salary Information 

Engineering salaries are all over the map. You can make as little as $ 30, 000 per year and well over $ 100, 000 per year. Your salary expectations are common based on the engineering school that you attend, your level of education, and the area of engineering that you specialize in when completing your engineering degree.

Here are some of the salary ranges and jobs titles for careers in engineering:

• $ 30, 000 - $ 50, 000: Electrical engineering technician, Field service engineer, Mechanic engineering technician.
• $ 50, 000 - $75, 000: CAD drafter, airport engineer, civil engineer, design engineer, network engineer, and many others.
• $ 75, 000 - $ 100, 000: Aerospace engineering, biomedical engineer, electronics engineer, geotechnical engineer, Quality assurance engineer, telecommunications engineer.
• More than $ 100, 000: Chemical engineer, engineering director, estimating director, environmental engineer, manufacturing engineer.

As a general rule, the more time you spend in engineering school, the more money you will be able to make. Getting a graduate engineering degree opens the door to management level positions, all of which come with a better salary.

Keep in mind that some positions can fall within multiple salary ranges and how much you make is dependent on your level of experience, education, and other factors. Talk with hiring companies directly to get full information about salary and benefits. 

General Engineering Career Facts 

Here are some informative and useful career facts that all engineering school graduates should consider:

• There are dozens and dozens of engineering careers for engineering school graduates to choose from. Try to narrow your list of options early on.
• Most students take an internship engineering course as part of their engineering degree. This also is a great way to line up a job once you graduate.
• There are a number of professional certifications that you may be required to get before you can work as an engineer.
• Taking specialized engineering courses will help give you an edge and a better overall career focus.
• You will make more money over the course of your career if you go to engineering school at the graduate level.
• Engineering school can prepare you for many careers. But, it is important that you know the educational requirements that you will need before starting your engineering degree.

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