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What is Business Communication?

Marketing & Communications

Communication is one of the major core functions in any business. Business communication isn’t just for the marketing department, although that’s where the majority of business communication is developed.  Business communication comes from everyone in the organization -- from the CEO to the cleaning staff -- and if a business is to excel, business communication should reflect one, unified message.

Every business has a message that it needs to communicate. That message could range from “Trust us. We’re professionals.” for a law firm or financial institution; to “We know how to have fun!” like Mini Cooper or Sandals Resorts; to “Our products are the best value” like Wal-Mart or Home Depot. Whatever that mission of the business, everyone in that business communicates it through every interaction with existing and potential customers. 

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From the uniforms worn by the staff to the sales pitches of the sales team, all business communication reflects the company’s image and “voice”. Business communication is typically created and distributed by a company’s marketing department, but it begins with the founders of the company and permeates through the corporate ranks. Without a unified message, the business will fail to deliver a brand that is recognizable, trustworthy, and known for being something special.

Now that you know what business communication is, how do you master the art of business communication? The ability to communicate well with new and existing customers is a big responsibility. For people who wish to specialize in business communication, they have the option to enrol in an online degree program. 

Do you need a business communication degree, or can you learn while doing it? For those interested in mastering business communication, consider your answers to these questions:

● How do you convince prospects that you are the best team for the job?
● How clearly can you describe the nature of your business?
● What makes your business unique and special?
● Who is your target audience?
● What does your business’ “voice” sound like?  

○ Formal? 
○ Casual? 
○ Professional? 
○ Regular Joe? 
○ Authoritative?
○ Scholarly? 
○ Friendly?
○ Powerful?

● Should you schedule and prepare thoroughly with a formal presentation?
● Should you listen to your client’s issues and take a consultative approach?
● Do you follow everything up in writing?
● Do you actively seek customer feedback?
● How should you address customer problems?
● How should you handle issues that stem from miscommunication?
● What is your message when face-to-face marketing?
● Do you have an elevator speech?
● Are you actively marketing through social media channels and through your website?
● Are you quick to respond to emails and phone calls?
● Is your marketing copy clear, concise, and have calls to action?
● Is all your copy free of typos and grammatical errors?
● How do people respond to you and your message?  

○ Are they excited?
○ Turned off?
○ Sceptical?
○ Moderately interested?

● When you have someone interested in your business, product, or service, what is your follow up process?

If you easily answered these business communication questions, you may very well be on your way toward mastering business communication. However, if you are not sure how to answer these, you may wish to enrol in an online business communication program. This especially holds true if you are an entrepreneur, a salesperson, a marketer, or a manager. You can always boost your knowledge by enrolling in an online business communication program.

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