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Holistic Theology and Ministry FAQs

Religious Studies

Holistic Theology and Ministry FAQs

There is a collective desire in society for people to find their spiritual self and explore spirituality on multiple levels. If you are interest in exploring your own experience of divinity, one option is to consider a post-secondary in this area. One of the most common, and a degree that is ideal if you want to become a minister or academic in this area, is holistic theology and ministry. 

Holistic Theology and Ministry FAQs - Holistic Theology and Ministry Schools

Holistic Theology and Ministry FAQs

The topic of holistic always brings up a large number of questions about what it is and how to explore the topic in greater detail. The following are some of the most commonly asked questions about holistic theology and ministry. They include:

Q: What is holistic theology?

A: Holistic theology is the study of God as a whole. This area of study examines all components of God from multiple perspectives and it 

focuses on spirituality from a variety of perspectives. Therefore, it does not focus on a specific religion, belief system, or God.

Q: What schools offer this degree program?

A: In most cases, holistic theology and ministry is offered at Christian schools, community colleges and universities. Check out the Christian school in your area to see if they offer a degree or courses in this area.

Q: Who takes courses in holistic theology?

A: The study of holistic theology is ideal for students that are interested in studying theology in an environment that looks at things from a holistic or interfaith approach. It can be for people that want to get a degree in this area or for people that want to simply explore their spirituality personally at a deeper level.

Q: What to expect from holistic theology and ministry education?

A: When you enroll in a Christian school expect to explore your faith and spirituality from an interfaith perspective. You will have a lot of flexibility in terms of the courses you select and where you want to focus your studies. Many experience spiritual transformation as they explore their faith at a deeper level through self-study and discussion with other students and teachers.

Q: What degrees are offered in holistic theology?

A: Students can obtain a degree in holistic theology at the bachelors, masters and doctoral levels. In terms of degree options, students often get a degree in the following areas holistic ministries, holistic health, metaphysical spirituality, and alternative spiritual traditions in addition to a degree in holistic theology.

Q: What type of careers can I expect with this education?

A: There are many career paths that you can pursue with a degree in holistic theology and ministry. Some of the most common include holistic ministers, spiritual and life coaches, holistic theology teachers, academics, youth group leaders, councillors, and other positions in spirituality. Many people also use this degree and combine it with other skills to pursue careers in other areas such as relief efforts, missionaries, fund raising, and community development.

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