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Biblical Theology

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Bible study is not a new concept. It has been around for thousands of years and it is still widely practiced today. Many people that attended church or service each week seek to gain a deeper understanding of the bible and use weekly bible studies as a way to explore the concepts, lessons, and meaning of the bible in greater detail. For some this is ideal, but for others that want to explore biblical studies at a much deeper level, engaging in formal biblical theology education is an option worth exploring. 

Biblical Theology - Biblical Schools

What is Biblical Theology?

Theology in general examines the nature of God and the religious belief system and it is subdivided into a number of areas of specialization such as historical theology, philosophical theology, systematic theology, practical theology, and biblical theology.

Biblical theology is a specialized branch of theology that focuses on the study of the bible. It primarily is based on the Christian approach to the study of the bible and the history of God revealing himself to the people of the world and the life of Jesus Christ.

This form of theology seeks to examine and uncover the meaning that lies within this sacred book. It examines the role of biblical writers and assesses the historical context of the meaning that lies in the words that are in the bible.

Types of Biblical Theology

While there are many ways to approach biblical theology from a philosophical perspective, it is commonly divided into two brad areas of study:

• The Old Testament
• The New Testament

Biblical Theology Education Options

If you are interested in a career or education in Biblical Theology, your best options is to look for programs at Christian Colleges and Universities. Here you will have a wide array of academic program options when it comes to religious studies from the undergraduate to graduate level.
There are also a number of other religious based programs that are similar to Biblical Theology for you to consider. They include:

• Christian Leadership
• Worship Studies
• World Religions
• Catholic, Islamic, and Jewish Studies
• Religious Studies

Keep in mind that course and program offerings will vary by school and level of study. 

Most people that enter this area of study have a deep interest in religion, bible study, and have extensive knowledge of religion. They also have advanced skills in reading comprehension, critical thinking, research, writing, and debate skills.

Career Paths

There are many different career paths that you can take with a degree in Biblical Theology. Outside of the obvious career choice of becoming a pastor, there are also a number of other fulfilling career options. They are as follows:

• A professor at a college or university
• A religion teacher in an elementary or high school
• A Chaplain or councillor
• An Archeologist
• Theologian
• A Missionary
• An Evangelist
• A writer or researcher
• The director of a church or non-profit organization

Biblical Theology is a great career path for people that have a deep interest and understand of religious principles. It is a great program for during your passion for the bible into a viable career that you will find fulfilling for your entire life.

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