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What is the Average Salary for a Nurse Aide?

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A nurse aide is an assistant to a nurse and serves as a helping hand, keeping patients sustained and maintaining regular visits and contact with them. A nurse aide is responsible for doing basic activities for patients who cannot do it themselves, such as feeding elderly citizens, pushing wheelchairs for injury victims, and dressing inpatients. Other duties a nurse aide typically performs include keeping rooms clean, informing nurses of changing in the patients health, bed-making, dusting, sterilizing instruments, documenting and reporting vital changes, as well as turning patients on a daily basis to prevent bed sores.What is the Average Salary for a Nurse Aide? - Nurse Aide Schools

When treatments are underway, a nurse aide is responsible for covering the patient and handling the tools which the doctor or nurse will use during the procedure.

A nurse aide is also responsible for administrative tasks including answering the telephones and helping visitors with their questions, or finding where they should wait. Customer service and general assistance is part of the job requirement, as well as basic paper work.

What is the Salary of a Nurse Aide?

The salary ranges from $ 25,000-$ 30,000 per annum depending on the institution. As your credentials increase, you could likely find better paying work, so the chance of moving up is a big plus.

What is the Job Outlook for a Nurse Aide?

It is in high demand since there is a staffing shortage and can entail large work hours with numerous different patients. There are diverse areas in which a nurse aide may assist including hospitals, independent medical facilities, as well as a nursing or retirement homes. A nurse aide may be requested to help patients within their homes directly, assisting with everyday tasks and responsibilities. Since such roles as so diverse, the job outlook is quite lucrative with a constant need for newcomers.

What Credentials are Needed to Become a Nurse Aide?

Little to no requirements are needed, but extra education is always beneficial. Successful completion of a high school diploma will sometimes do, while other facilities may require a certificate. Although a certificate is not always required, it may be more beneficial to landing job opportunities in the medical field.

A criminal background check is mandatory to become a nurse aide, as well as physical tests including drug testing and basic physical checkups.

Certain states require examinations on paper and demonstrated skills, which would cover the topics of patients and their rights, how to handle infections and outbreaks, physiology, and many other topics that a nurse aide would face on a daily basis. The training roughly takes about 75 hours, and adds to the basic hands-on experience to the nurse aide.

Upon completion of training and working within the field, certain certifications can be obtained to help the nurse aide upgrade to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or, in later years, a registered nurse.

Overall, being a nurse aide is a fast paced position that allows for constant contact with patients and allows for larger job options for overtime. If you enjoys a challenge, fast paced environment, caring for others, and a chance to move up in the medical field, this could be a great position for you!

Researching online or contacting medical facilities would be a good start to understanding if the field is a good start for you!

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