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How Do I Obtain a CNA License?

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With the opportunity to become a CNA, you will be able to help a variety of different patients acquire the comfort that they need when they are experiencing an ailment.  Although a CNA does not have the same credentials as a practicing doctor, they are an extremely prevalent part of the medical field.  When looking to become a CNA, there is a particular method of licensing that you will have to take part in. 

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The first aspect to consider is if you meet all of the requirements prior to obtaining your CNA license.  Proficiency in English, test scores, background checks, transcripts, educational background, age and competency are the most important areas of scrutiny when applying for your certified nursing assistant certification. 

You must be 18 years of age or older to be considered for application and you have to have completed a few basic courses in high school.  These courses will help to show that you have knowledge in regards to the biological components of the human body.

Once you have finished your post secondary education revolving around becoming a CNA, you will have to partake in a competency course to provide evidence that you have studied in this particular area of the medicinal field.  Within this competency course is 40 hours of training in a clinical setting.  When it is completed, you will then be required to submit your post secondary transcripts to the licensing board prior to participating in the licensing procedure.

You will have to comply with acquiring a background check prior to practicing as a CNA.  The licensing board will acquire your fingerprints and they will be run against various databases to see if any criminal activity is linked to you.  Alongside this background check, the licensing board will also determine if there have been any claims of neglect or abuse in any clinical areas that you may have trained or practiced in.

Finally, once you have passed all of the aforementioned steps you will take a theory test constructed by the CNA licensing board.  The majority of locations allow you to take the test online or you can take it at an approved testing center.  You are provided with the opportunity to take the test three separate times to help improve your score, if necessary.

Now that you are ready to apply for the license you must fill out an application form, sign it, and have it notarized.  You will send this form to your local licensing authority.  Along with this application, you will have to fill out a Verification of Training form to provide evidence that your schooling was provided by an accredited school and program.  If your application is approved, you will receive a temporary permit until you acquire your license.

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