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Audio and Video Producer Salary & Career Facts

Media Production

Audio and Video Producer Salary & Career Facts

Audio and video producers are incredibly important individuals in regards to the entertainment industry.  With the help of audio and video producers, audio and video components are able to run smoothly.  They have many different duties on a daily basis and are one of the most important components to media and telecommunications.  If you are interested in becoming an audio and video producer, becoming aware of the career facts and salary information will be very beneficial. 

Audio and Video Producer Salary & Career Facts -  Audio And Video Production Schools

Job Description

Audio/video producers work with cameras, lights, sound mixers, and microphones to produce audio and video presentations.  They will be required to connect, tune, and arrange the equipment to provide the best aesthetic appeal.  Audio/video producers are also required to have knowledge in regards to running cables and wires to create a working audio/visual system.  Many audio/video producers work with Teleprompters and live feeds to ensure that the quality of the presentations is at its best.

Career Requirements

As an audio/video producer you will be required to work 40-hour weeks and sometimes you will also be required to put in overtime and holiday shifts.  Considering that the majority of audio/video producers have specific deadlines that they are to adhere to, it is imperative that the particular task is completed by the specified date.

In terms of educational requirements, the minimal requirement for an audio/video producer is their high school diploma or equivalent.  Although this will provide you with an entry-level position, it is far more advantageous to have post secondary schooling.  Any extracurricular activities revolving around A/V clubs will assist you with finding placement within an audio/visual production company.

Having work experience is also advantageous for a prospective audio/video producer.  Considering that A/V work is a combination of both hands-on skills and technical skills, ensuring that you have relevant work experience prior to applying for a job will help you greatly.  Whether you intern at a production company during your time at university/college, or even if you acquire a part time summer job, the most amount of experience will be the most beneficial in the opinion of your employer.

Salary Information

As with the majority of careers, the salary of an audio/video producer varies based on experience and location.  The national average for an A/V producer is between $ 43,909.00 and $ 68,076.00.  For those with over 10 years of experience, you can expect to earn between $ 51,097.00 and $ 73,698.00.

Your location will also determine your annual salary.  Those who found employment within larger cities found that their annual wages were far higher than those who were placed in more rural communities.

Audio/video producers are a necessary component to the entertainment industry.  With such a specialized field, acquiring the appropriate schooling will assist you with finding employment.

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