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What is a Landscape Architect?

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are often the unsung heroes of city parks, commercial developments, residential subdivisions, highways, airports, industrial sites, and recreational facilities. Landscape architects are the talented people behind what makes a public space beautiful, and their numbers are growing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Employment of landscape architects is projected to grow 16 percent from 2010 to 2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations.”

Here are some examples of how landscape architects make cities, suburbs, and commercial sites look aesthetically pleasing and blend in with the local ecology.


Highways:  The next time you drive down the highway and you see retaining walls covered in trumpet vines, or lined with shrubs and trees, that is the work of a landscape architect.

City Streets:  Have you ever noticed a center median filled with petunias, or a neatly manicured landscape at the entrance of a major shopping center? That is the work of a landscape architect.

Parks:  Landscape architects design the recreational trails, the quadrants of plants and flowers that line the green belt, and water features like fountains and pedestrian bridges.

Airports:  An airport can be transformed into a beautiful oasis with the work of a landscape architect. The tarmac can be rather plain, and so can the buildings, without adding some greenery. Landscape architects have the power to transform an airport into a beautiful setting, which is what attracts tourists to a vacation destination. It is no accident that landscape architects designed plots of palm trees and fragrant, flowering plants to greet vacationers arriving in all the airports of Hawaii.

Industrial Sites:  Even centers of industry and manufacturing need to look nice with plants. Landscape architects can help businesses look more attractive to those who work within a business and the customers visiting them.

Landscape architects spend a lot of time in the office, designing the hardscape and softscape for their clients. Landscape architects can go into many specialties, including:

● Urban design

● Site planning

● Stormwater management

● Urban planning

● Environmental restoration

● Parks and recreation planning

● Visual resource management

● Green infrastructure planning and provision

● Private estate planning and design

● Residence landscape planning and design

● Civil infrastructure

In order to become a landscape architect, you can earn a landscape architect degree or certificate through online programs at Landscape Architect Schools. Each state requires landscape architects to be licensed in order to do work within that state. Requirements among states vary, but they usually include a degree in landscape architecture from an accredited school, work experience as a landscape architect, and a passing score on the Landscape Architect Registration Exam.

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