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Online Kitchen and Bath Design Degree

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There is no doubt that the interior design and home renovation industry has grown significantly in the past decade. More and more people every day make the decision to upgrade their home and make cosmetic changes that will not only improve the look of their home, but also increase its overall value on the real estate market. Naturally, two areas of your home that get the most attention are the one that are used the most, the kitchen and the bathroom. As a result, there has been increased demand for kitchen and bathroom designers.
The good news is that many design schools across the country are now offering both campus-based and online kitchen and bath design degrees. This program will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need before you break into the industry as a designer. 

Online Kitchen and Bath Design

Why do the program online?

Many prospective students question why they would do a kitchen and bath design degree online considering it is such as hands on career. The truth is that these programs are designed to provide you with the theoretical knowledge and skills you will need before you gain practical experience.

This is why it is important to look for schools that offer internship opportunities as part of the design degree, so you can gain the practical experience. Internships are often the gateway into the industry and many students are hired right out of school. In this sense, internships also give you the chance to network with other professional in the industry, so it is important to make a good first impression and get the most out of the experience.

Many people also opt for the online degree option as a way to get formal education in this area while they apprentice with a kitchen and bath designer or home renovation company. The online course delivery provides them with the flexibility they need to work and get educated at the same time.

Course offerings

Each course that is offered as part of the kitchen and bath design degree is meant to prepare you for a different aspect of the profession. Course offerings include:

• Design applications
• Drafting
• Materials and Sources
• Lighting design
• Building codes and systems
• Kitchen design
• Bathroom design
• The kitchen and bath business

Courses may vary based on the school you attend, so take a look at the course offerings when considering your program options.

Program Requirements

The majority of online kitchen and bath design programs are offered at the college level or through a technical school or professional association. To be accepted to the program, you are required to have a high school diploma and also have a good understanding of technology and computer skills. Experience in the industry is also an asset.

Pursing an online kitchen and bath design degree is ideal for people that are creative, artistic, and enjoy working with their hands. Whether you are already working in the home renovation industry or are interested in breaking into the industry, this is a great program to consider.

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