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Jewelry Designer Salary & Career Facts

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Jewelry Designer Salary & Career Facts 

All pieces of jewelry are designed and then created by a jewelry designer. Typically, jewelry designers work with clients to create a unique piece of jewelry for a specific event, like a wedding ring, or to match the client’s personal style. Qualified jewelry designers also have the skills to repair and restore various types of jewelry. Often, you will see a jewelry designer owning their own business, working for a boutique, or for a large manufacturing company. Jewelry design is a very rewarding industry with many opportunities for the artist to tap into their creativity and imagination. 

Jewelry Designer Salary & Career Facts

Typical Duties of a Jewelry Designer 

On a daily basis, jewelry designers perform a variety of the following duties:
● Appraise diamonds, along with other gems.
● Create jewelry from gold, silver, and other gemstones.
● Work with clients to design a piece of jewelry, such as a necklace or a ring.
● Shape metal to hold the gemstones in place.
● Design a model either from wax or on a computer before the actual creation of the piece of jewelry.
● Ensure that all aspects of the jewelry piece are consistent with the model and what the client wants, such as making sure the gems in proper place and all clasps are working correctly.
● Repair broken jewelry. A jewelry designer may enlarge or reduce the size of a ring, fix broken clasps, or reset stones. 

Education for Jewelry Designers 

Since you will be working with a range of gemstones and metals, it is important to achieve the proper education before entering the field as a jewelry designer. Because of the inherent flexibility, more and more online colleges are beginning to offer online degree programs in jewelry design or a related field. Most jewelry designers have at least an Associate’s degree in jewelry design, gemology, or metalworking.

Since experience is an essential factor in becoming a jewelry designer, it is important to have flexibility in your schedule for continuing education and for trying new jewelry making techniques. By enrolling in an online degree program, you will be able to design multiple jewelry pieces, and still have time to take online classes to learn proper ways to repair, restore, and design jewelry. Online classes are an affordable and efficient way to achieve your jewelry design degree and become profitable in the field of art and design as soon as possible. 

Skills Needed for Jewelry Design Jobs 

● Artistic ability: Jewelry designers must be able to create unique pieces of jewelry for a variety of clients.
● Detail orientated: Jewelry designers need to concentrate on all aspects of creating a piece of jewelry and ensure that every gemstone, piece of metal, and clasp are in the proper place.
● Fashion sense: Jewelry designers need to have constant knowledge of the current fashion trends.
● Finger dexterity: Jewelry designers must be able to adeptly move their fingers to restore, repair, and design various pieces of jewelry.
● Interpersonal skills: On a regular basis, jewelry designers work with a variety of clients and need to be able to respectfully interact with them.
● Visualization skills: Jewelry designers need to be able to create a piece of jewelry by using their imagination. 

Salary for Jewelry Designers 

The median annual salary for jewelry designers is expected to be $ 35,170, however earning potential increases when jewelry designers become well known for their inventive, creative, high-quality, and statement-making designs. If you are interested in becoming a jewelry designer, start by enrolling in an online degree program today.

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