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How Much Does an Advertising Designer Make Per Year?

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How Much Does an Advertising Designer Make Per Year?

Advertising designers (commonly referred to as graphic designers), have the opportunity to make an ample amount of money on a yearly basis. As with the majority of careers in the world, there are many different factors that will determine the annual salary of an advertising designer. As an example, if you live in a large city you will make more money than someone who lives in a rural area. If you are an individual who is interested in advertising design, becoming aware of the potential salary will assist you in making a positive career choice. 

How Much Does an Advertising Designer Make Per Year? - Advertising Designer Schools

Job Description 

As an advertising designer, you will work with colors, graphics, and animation to create unique and innovative advertisements for companies and media. For the majority of participants in this field, a bachelor’s degree in graphic design is required for positions with most design firms. It is also important to note that you will require a portfolio to effectively showcase your work. Your work will be responsible for advertising new products and/or services to a particular demographic. 

Job Title Based Salaries

Common with the majority of job placements, the title that you receive will determine how much money you make on a yearly basis.

• Entry-Level Designer: Earns between $ 25,000.00 and $ 30,000.00
• Junior Designer: Earns between $ 39,000.00 and $ 45,000.00
• Senior Designer: Earns between $ 53,000.00 and $ 65,000.00

The number one factor that will determine the job title that you acquire is the amount of experience that you have. With the help of post-secondary schooling, you will be able to earn experience to acquire higher paying career options. 

Industry Based Salaries

Depending on the type of advertising business that you work with, your salary will vary. Those working with small businesses will earn an average salary of $ 55,280.00 per year whereas those working with large companies will average at $ 74,030.00 yearly. There are also many graduates who open their own designing firms and after several years of experience have earned the average annual salary of $ 120,000.00 per year. In terms of industry, the more exposure that your advertisements will acquire will determine how much money you earn. 

Region Based Salaries

Every designer works in a different area of the world. Some designers may work in metropolitan areas whereas others may work from the comfort of their home in rural areas. Depending on your location, your salary may increase or decrease. For those working in larger cities such as New York City, you may earn an average wage of $ 74,660.00 per year. Whereas, if you are located in a more rural area you may earn the average salary of $ 34,130.00. Considering that the salary differences are extremely vast, the majority of designers move closer to large designing firms for better job opportunities.

Advertising designers are necessary to ensure the success of a business. With the creativity and innovative designs, customers will be more prone to buy a product or service. As an advertising designer you will earn a hefty salary if you acquire an appropriate job position in a reputable area.

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