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How Much Does A Kitchen And Bath Designer Make Per Year?

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How Much Does A Kitchen And Bath Designer Make Per Year?

The interior design and home renovation industry is booming. There is no shortage of homeowners and businesses that are taking on renovation projects to update their current designs. While part of this is due to the fact that there are so many home renovation style shows on TV, the other is that many aging homeowners have the expendable income to make changes to their home, and prefer to do renovations rather than moving to a new location. How Much Does A Kitchen And Bath Designer Make Per Year? -  Kitchen And Bath Designer Schools

One area of homes that get renovated most often are kitchens and bathroom as, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association in the United States, the industry generates almost$200 billion in revenue each year. 

What are Kitchen and Bath Designers?

Kitchen and bath designers are a specialize type of interior designer and many have a background in interior design before they move on to kitchen and bathroom design work. Professionals in this field work in both a commercial and residential setting. Their primary job is to decide upon and create the layouts, color schemes, and determine the functionality of renovated kitchens and baths. Therefore, designers need to possess extensive knowledge of all home construction issues as these needs to be factored into their designs. 

The majority of Kitchen and Bath Designers work for design companies as well as manufacturers, distributors and home improvements stores. But, more and more are choosing branch out and offering their services as a small business. 

Salary Expectations for Kitchen and Bath Designers

When it comes to salary expectation for kitchen and bath designers, most often they fall within the same range as interior designers. But, in most cases they tend to earn more because of the specialized skills that they offer to their customers. Salary is also based on their experience and the type of company that they work for. 

The average kitchen and bath designers makes between $80,000 and $90,000 per year. While some make as low as $25,000 per year (as interior designers), top earners make more than $100, 000 per year, making this a lucrative career choice if you work your way up the ranks. 

Job Prospects

You can expect careers in this area to continue to grow over the next few years as demand for renovations will remain strong. The DIY and home renovation craze is in full swing and shows no signs of slowing down. 

In terms of earning potential, you will be able to make more money as you gain more experience and develop a reputation within the industry for your work. However, the following three factors will also play a large role in your earning potential:

• Education: Having a bachelor's degree in design or architecture or a diploma in Kitchen and bath designwill give you an advantage over others who have less education.
• Entrepreneurship: Once you gain experience, you can maximize your earning potential if you start your own business. Many designers are going in this direction. 
• Certification: Obtaining professional certification will help boost your reputability within the industry.  

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