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Campus Interior Design Degree

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Campus interior design is the practice of working with interior design principles to maximize the use of space and function for students and faculty. Some considerations for campus interior design may include: 

Interior Design

• Lighting and colour balance for studying and relaxation
• Aesthetics
• Maximizing space for smaller rooms or making larger rooms less spacious
• Making campus living quarters comfortable and homely for new residents
• Ensuring safety and health precautions are taken into account (access to fire exits, minimizing trip hazards, etc.)

There are many other considerations that campus interior design incorporates, but two of the most basic principles are form and function; making a campus welcoming, yet modern and functional. 

What are the Daily Tasks of a Campus Interior Design Team?

Typically, there are a number of duties a campus interior design team may perform to ensure deadlines are met without sacrificing quality. Some tasks may include:

• Using visualization to find out what the campus coordinators are looking for in terms of colour variations, textures, function, and feel (modern, eclectic, etc.)
• Making timelines for the design project, as well as making a budget breakdown for material, labor, and other considerations
• Supervising contractors and following up to see if the quality standards are being met and seeing if there are any alterations need to take place
• Following strict building codes and informing the building crew of any changes to plans
• Using interior design computer programs (CAD software) to finalize drawings for campus coordinators approval
• Changing anything that the campus coordinator finds unfitting and working all alterations into the finished project

There are many duties that a campus interior design team has to partake in on a daily basis, but being flexible, open to change, and enjoying a challenge is a great way to keep up with any and all obstacles. 

What Type of Schooling is Needed to Enter the Field of Campus Interior Design?

Credentials needed for campus interior design are the same as basic interior design, and may include:

• Interior design certificate programs
• Interior design online programs (diploma, bachelor’s, or master’s degree)
• Bachelor’s of Design Degrees
• Master’s of Design Degrees

There are also private colleges that allow for qualifications geared towards interior design. Such colleges, as well as larger colleges and online programs, often allow for internships or placement options, giving you the chance to work within a campus to acquire knowledge of the industry.

To enter campus interior design, applying for such positions within firms is the best way to obtain such work.

If entering the field of campus interior design is something that would interest you, talking to a campus directly about potential opportunities and placement options would be a great way to get started. If you are currently studying design, speaking to a representative within your college about campus interior design would be valuable in terms of finding a possible way to get an internship or placement near the end of your studies.

Online research is a great way to answer any other questions you might have about campus interior design!

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