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Advertising Design Schools

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Tired of watching Mad Men and ready to become a part of the action? Well get ready, because the options available to you as an advertising designer are vast. 

A four year bachelor’s degree, or two to three year associates degree in advertising will teach you the principles of the advertising design from both a creative and a business perspective. Case studies from print, Web, and TV showcase advertising concepts at work: persuasion, color psychology and composition, copywriting and typography, and brand communication.

A degree or diploma in Advertising Design is aimed at providing students with practical and conceptual knowledge that will allow them to make an immediate contribution once they secure a position in the advertising industry. Students will learn to undertake advertising design tasks that require basic skills in visual communication, conceptual development and design tasks, technical, production applications and promotional planning related to advertising campaign and design.

The program will allow students to develop an understanding of the history and evolution of advertising and the role of designers in ad agencies and the freelance world. AS well as the following goals:

• Identify and apply principles for effective ad design in different media.
• Identify and apply design elements such as line, shape, and texture in advertising design.
• Identify and apply principles of composition and layout including space, rhythm, and depth in advertising design.
• Develop a consistent ad campaign using elements that differ based on season and placement.
• Explore and apply tips and techniques for writing ad copy and using typography to enhance the persuasive power of advertising.
• Develop an understanding of the ways in which human perception influences ad design.
• Develop a concept for ads in three different media, considering how to present the client's brand and the product's brand in each ad.
• Identify and apply principles for incorporating a brand into a single ad and applying a brand over an entire campaign.
• Draw lessons from case studies of ad campaigns and evaluate their effectiveness.
• Design an integrated advertising campaign using a fictional client's requirements and specifications.
Above all a program should also awaken the creative and innovative thinking abilities in advertising design.

Potential Classes and Courses

Depending upon the stream or specialization you choose, there are many course options for animation design students. The different career options correlate well with the various classes that are provided, here are a few:

• Introduction to Advertising
• Basic Design
• Introduction to Photography
• Basic Typography
• Life drawing
• Visual Technique
• Introduction to Art Direction
• Computer Graphics
• Packaging Design
• Elective Subjects
• Introduction to Interactive Design
• Colour Studies
• Creative Copywriting & Concept Development
• Digital Imaging
• Motion Graphics
• Marketing Research
• Applied Typography
• Publication Design
• Corporate Identity Design
• Advertising Campaign
• Advertising Design Showcase
• Professional Practice for Design
• Marketing Communication

Career Opportunities

Creative industries such as advertising agencies, film production, web and multimedia companies,design consultancies, pre and post production houses, etc

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